Accomplishments by Members of RIBiLT

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Conference Presentations by Members of RIBiLT

  1. Dr Edsoulla Chung presented an IDS-funded paper presentation on ''Metadiscourse in Second Language Writing: A Study of Problem-solution Essays Written by Adolescent Chinese Learners of English in Hong Kong' at the 25th ICTEL 2019 - International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning, at Sydney, Australia on 9 - 10 December 2019.
  2. Dr Emily Ge presented made an IDS-funded paper presentation on 'An Exploratory Study on the Lexical and Syntactic Complexity of Hong Kong English Learners' Essays in a Public Examination.' with Prof Cynthia Lee and Dr. Edsoulla Chung at the 20th English in Southeast Asia Conference, at Singapore, on 6 - 7 December 2019.

  3. Dr Danny Leung presented an IDS-funded paper presentation on ''A corpus-based, cognitive-linguistic study of the metaphoricity in English prepositions produced in L2 English academic writing' at the Applied Linguistics Conference 2019 at Curtin University, Perth, on 25 November 2019.

  4. Prof. Robin Yang presented a research paper entitled 'Dual Function of Code-switching in Cantonese-English Bilingual Children's Conversation', at Young Language Learners (YLL) Symposium 2016,  on 6 – 8 July, at Department of Education, Oxford University, U.K.

  5. Prof. Robin Yang presented a research paper entitled 'Sorry as an indicator for self-negation used by learner in L2 classroom' at Fifteenth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, 5 - 7 July 2017, Imperial College, London, U.K.

  6. Prof. Robin Yang presented a research paper entitled 'Analysis of Learner Code-switched Self-repetition in L2 Classroom Talk', which reports part of findings from RGC research project (UGC/FDS16/H15/14) at 12th BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG, 30 Jun - 1 July, Lancaster University, U.K.

  7. Prof. Robin Yang presented a paper entitled “ 'Sorry' used by L2 learner: Managing learning opportunity and interpersonal relationship in classroom interaction” at 18th  International Conference on Linguistics & Language Research , University of Washington- Rome Centre, Roma, Italy on 8-9 June 2017.

  8. Dr Danny Leung and Dr Vanliza Chow had a paper presented entitled 'Connecting colours and emotions: a cross-cultural study' with Prof. Jeanette Littlemore, Paula Perz-Sobrino, David Houghton(from University of Birmingham) at the 6th RaAm Specialized Seminar in Denmark on 19 May 2017.

  9. Dr Vanliza Chow presented a paper entitled “Exploring the use of metaphors in oncology nursing journal articles” at 3rd International symposium on Figurative thought and language in Croatia, on 28 April 2017.

  10. Ms Suzannie Leung presented a paper entitled “Translanguaging in early visual arts” at 2017 International Symposium on Education and Psychology at Kyoto, Japan on 5 April.


Successful Application of Research Grants by Members of RIBiLT

  1. Prof. Jeannette Littlemore serving as an expert to provide intellectual support to Dr Vanliza Chow who has obtained a research grant under the Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) of the Research Grants Council (Jan. 2017 / Dec. 2018)

  2. Dr April Liu succeeded the OUHK School Research Fund for her research project entitled “EFL Students' Self-directed Technology Use for Content and Language Integrated Learning” which is expected to have advisory support from Prof Ernesto Macaro.


Publications by Members of RIBiLT

  1. Yang R. & X. Zhang (2017) The dual functions of code-switching in Cantonese-English bilingual children's conversation with parents. Journal of Child Language Acquisition and Development, 5(1):65-77.

  2. Liu, Y. & Lin, A. (2017). Popular culture and teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). In S. L.Thorne (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Language and Education (Ed. S. May) Vol. 9: Language, Education and Technology. Springer. DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-02328-1_38-1

  3. Chu, Y.W. (2016).  A planning error revealed: Mother Tongue Education (1998-2010) in Hong Kong. European Journal of Language Policy, 8(2), 153-172.


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