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Language is the key to success.

Your success starts with studying language with us.

Welcome to the Department of Applied Language Studies at the Hong Kong Metropolitan University!

Why Study Language?

Language is at the core of our thoughts, communication and cultures. Through language, we form relationships, exchange ideas and manage our everyday lives. Language is what underpins human existence. Studying language enables us to gain insights into how language is structured, how we learn a language, how people make use of language to get things done, and how language changes and develops in the society. 

Why Study Language with Us?

The Department of Applied Language Studies aims to offer undergraduate and sub-degree programmes which focus on the study of the English language and the Chinese language in the contemporary world as well as in various socio-cultural contexts. Emphasizing the 'applied' perspective (i.e. applying language to dealing with real-life issues), our English and Chinese programmes are designed to equip students with requisite language knowledge and skills which enable them to carry out investigation into language learning and use, literary appreciation, communication in professional contexts, and intercultural communication. As we are all moving towards a more diverse and multicultural world, the Department is obliged to offer English and Chinese programmes which foster graduates to possess exceptional communication skills, intercultural understanding and global awareness to strive for success in the 21st century.

Our Department has designed the following full-time and part-time Applied Language Studies programmes for you:

Full-time undergraduate programmes

Part-time undergraduate/sub-degree programmes 

What You Will Experience with Us

Our Department brings together a diverse and gifted community of young academics and experienced teachers in English and Chinese. We believe that our applied language research feeds into teaching and hence research areas we work on, such as second language acquisition, Chinese language education, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, and English and Chinese literary studies, are all in place to benefit our students' learning experience in the classroom. Not only are our Department's colleagues well versed in their areas of teaching and research, but they are also a lovely team of colleagues who put the supportive teacher-student relationship in practice. Students in our programmes are encouraged to seek our teachers' advice on their course work, further studies, career planning, and topics related to their experience at the University.

Our Department is ready to enable our students to become language graduates with the skills, experience and confidence in the multicultural, globalized 21st century. Are you ready to be one of us?

We look forward to meeting you in our Applied Language Studies programmes.

Dr. Danny Leung
Associate Professor
Head, Department of Applied Language Studies