Bachelor of Arts with Honours
New Music And
Interactive Entertainment
Programme Introduction
The Bachelor of Arts with Honours in New Music and Interactive Entertainment (BAHNMIEJ) programme aims to provide students with in-depth education and professional training in New Music and Interactive Entertainment, proficiency in using various technologies to integrate, design, and create generative visual and motion arts, and intelligent sound and music.
The graduates should be competent interactive entertainment designers and producers with expertise in entertainment experience enhancement through artistic visual and music creation, extended reality technology, and computational intelligence.
What is New Music?

What is New Music?

Innovative Musical Language
Composers of New Music often explore non-traditional musical languages and techniques, such as using unusual scales, chords, or rhythmic structures.
Experimental Nature
Creators of New Music are often willing to experiment with new sounds, instruments, or production techniques, and often combine music with other art forms (like visual arts or theatre).
Multicultural Influences
Many New Music works are influenced by musical traditions from around the world, and incorporate these elements into their compositions.
Technological Influence
With the advent of electronic music and computer music, many New Music composers have started using these new technological means to create music.
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News and Announcement

New Music and Interactive Entertainment Competition
Open for Secondary school and Post-secondary school student

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Programme Team Member

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