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Programme Regulations

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Programme Description

This programme provides students with a comprehensive survey and exploration of the theories and practice underpinning the good governance of business and non-business entities, as well as of the Hong Kong statutory provisions and practice governing the work of company secretaries. The degree is suitable for managerial and professional personnel working in commerce, statutory boards and government departments, and is designed to develop executives into well-rounded corporate leaders.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

  1. Critically analyze and apply the concepts of business and professional integrity in a broad range of company secretarial practices, including the area of professional ethics;
  2. Appraise and exercise appropriate judgement to resolve governance and compliance problems in relation to business and non-business corporations.
  3. Apply the concepts, legal principles including compliance of internal and external regulations, and the best practices for efficient and effective corporate governance;
  4. Communicate effectively as a business executive with people from diverse backgrounds in the context of corporate governance.

Programme Requirement

Programme-specific entry requirements:

(a) a recognized degree in a business-related area (or its equivalent); or

(b) a recognized degree in a non-business area (or its equivalent), plus at least three years of supervisory/managerial experience.

Students pursuing this programme must successfully complete at least 60 credits as follows:

(a) 60 credits of compulsory courses:

Course code
Course title
ACT B811
Financial Accounting and Taxation
CGV B812
Corporate Secretaryship and Compliance
CGV B813*
Corporate Governance
FIN B814*
Corporate Finance and Risk Management
LAW B810*
Hong Kong Corporate Law
MGT B815
Strategic Management

*New course, subject to final approval by the University for presentation but likely to be available.


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