Bachelor of Sports Management (through Pathway 1)

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Programme Regulations

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Programme Description

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city which hosts internationally renowned sports events, and professionals equipped with the skills and knowledge to effectively plan, manage, organize, and execute such events are in demand. Furthermore, there is a need for athlete business managers with a thorough understanding of the training requirements and psychological development of athletes as well as the complicated business environment. The Bachelor of Sports Management programme is specially designed for students aiming to enter this professional field.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

  1. Integrate and apply various theories and concepts of management to identify issues, analyse situations, and develop solutions for complicated problems in organizational settings.
  2. Make informed judgements in view of the organization’s business- and corporate-level strategies as well as ethical considerations.
  3. Make meaningful contributions as a leader and member in a team setting and communicate effectively.
  4. Command knowledge of the practices and activities of key aspects of athletic development and sports management.
  5. Integrate and apply advanced analytical skills to address issues and make decisions related to sports and recreation management.

Programme Requirement

Programme-specific entry requirement:

A recognized Associate Degree or Higher Diploma in a business-related area (or its equivalent).

Students pursuing this programme must successfully complete at least 40 credits as follows:

(a) 20 credits from a compulsory course:

Course code
Course title
SPM B213
Working and Learning in Sport and Fitness or
SPM B217
Sport and Conditioning Science into Practice

(b) 20 credits from a compulsory course:

Course code
Course title
SPM B335
Motivating and Coaching in Sports Management


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