‌Global Immersion Programme

In this globalized world, market opportunities and business operations are not restricted by national boundaries. In view of this, the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration (B&A) organizes the Global Immersion Programme (GIP) to prepare students for the challenges in the ever-changing global workplace.
GIP is designed to support students in developing their potential in an international context. It aims to instill in students a deeper appreciation for different cultures, and expose students to a broader understanding of international business.

Global Immersion Programme for Undergraduates

GIP comprises four non-credit bearing courses: GIP 100BEF / GIP 101BEF (Year 1), GIP 200BEF / GIP 201BEF (Year 2), GIP 300BEF (Year 3) and GIP 400BEF (Year 4). The Year 1 and Year 2 courses focus on enhancing students' intercultural awareness and communication skills while facilitating their development of a global mindset. The Year 3 and Year 4 courses concentrate on enhancing students' understanding of the international business environment for the benefit of their future career development.

For undergraduate programmes (UG), the GIP programme fees are covered in the costs of tuition. Students will bear the costs of air passage, food, accommodation and local expenses for the study tour. Student may apply for funding support, including “Reaching Out Award” and “All-round Student Award” offered by the School and University.

Intercultural Awareness and Language Training

The training provides students with the opportunity to appreciate cultural diversity. It also empowers students to overcome obstacles that hinder intercultural communication, and equips them with a global outlook to tackle contemporary business issues. Currently, four languages (French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish) are offered in a business communication context. Altogether, intercultural awareness and language training form an integral part of Year 1 and Year 2 Global Immersion Programme.

Dale Carnegie/ Career Development Seminars/ LinkedIn Learning Courses

As students progress towards senior year studies, the training focuses increasingly on preparing them to become future business executives and professionals. During the third and fourth years of the Global Immersion Programme, students will attend seminars and career talks delivered by business executives to gain a realistic perspective of the future workplace. In addition, the School's collaboration with Dale Carnegie® Training provides a unique opportunity whereby students could acquire pre-job soft skills. Coupled with the intercultural awareness and communication training received in Year 1 and Year 2, as well as the innovative learning environment in the School, this all-rounded training equips students with a broad foundation necessary for them to embrace future responsibilities and challenges. The LinkedIn Learning courses also provide an additional chance to enrich student's LinkedIn profile with certificates and credentials for completed courses.

Overseas Study Tour

This two-week overseas study tour provides a great experience for students to immerse in a foreign culture and its lifestyle, during which they would gain a broad view of international business through class discussions, site visits, and exchanges with industrial bodies, local businesses and professionals. Each study tour is programme-specific.

Destinations of UG-GIP study tours organized in the 2018/19 academic year

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March-April 2021

Global Immersion Programme for Postgraduates

GIP for postgraduate (PG) students (GIP 800BEF) consists of a leadership training programme, a two-week overseas study tour, and a series of business executive development seminars. The leadership training programme focuses on the coaching of problem-solving skills, team spirit, communication skills, and the capacity to deal with physical and mental challenges. The overseas study tour could expand students' view of international business environment. The business executive development seminars include two elements: career development seminars and LinkedIn Learning courses. In the career development seminars, business executives and professionals from different sectors will be invited to share their experiences and insights on the latest market trends and industry information. The LinkedIn Learning courses provide a great chance to enhance student's LinkedIn profile with certificates and credentials for completed courses.

The programme fee of PG-GIP can be found here. Students will bear the cost of air passage, food, accommodation and incidental expenses for the study tour.

Intercultural Awareness

Overseas Study Tour Experience

Business Executive Development