2021 ‘Learn & Experience’ Study Tours

Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration 2021 ‘Learn & Experience’ Study Tours

One of the key components in the Global Immersion Programme (GIP) is an overseas study tour, where business students enjoy the opportunity to visit different countries and learn about their cultures, lifestyles, and business practices. While the pandemic might have deprived students of the opportunity to travel aboard, it does not dampen their enthusiasm to learn about different cultures and expand their understanding of international business. This year, Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration (B&A) has organized a series of 'Learn and Experience' study tours, where students have the opportunity to join a local residential programme centered on a specific country and culture.

From late March till end of April, three one-week programmes are offered at Auberge Discovery Bay on Spanish culture:
  1. 28th March – 3rd April, 2021
  2. 11th April – 17th April, 2021
  3. 18th April – 24th April, 2021
We are honoured to have the support of The Trade Commission of Spain in Hong Kong and Macau, The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and LaLiga to curate an immersive and engaging experience for our students to learn about Spanish culture, lifestyles, and business practices. Through their generous contributions, our students were able to not only learn about the different facets of Spain—from cultural and historical, to economic and social—but also meet and interact with diplomats and executives of Spanish businesses and organizations. This meaningful exchange provided students new perspectives that could enrich their understanding in and around the concepts of international business.

Sharing by Spanish diplomats, business executives and professionals

Ms. Cristina Teijelo

Senior Trade Commissioner and Deputy Consul-General (Economic and Commercial) of The Trade Commission of Spain in Hong Kong and Macau

Mr. Eduard Castell

LaLiga Delegate in Hong Kong SAR

Ms. Jennifer Cao

Managing Director, BBVA New Business Models President, Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Mr. Ben Wiggins

Senior Manager (Partnership Activation, Marketing & Communications), FC Barcelona

Mr. Borja Sanchez

Founder and Managing Partner, Los Ibericos Ltd.

Ms. Verónica González García (on the left)

Asia Business Director, Hawkers Group

Mr. Jordi Coderch (first one from the left)
Hong Kong Office Director, TENDAM
Ms. Maria Roig Calatayud (second one from the left)
Customer Relationship Director - Asia , Jeanologia
Mr. David Rees (third one from the left)
Senior Market Analyst, Commission of Spain in Hong Kong & Macau
Mr. Manuel Lago (third one from the right)
Senior Market Analyst, Commission of Spain in Hong Kong & Macau
Mr. Bruno Illera Gigante (second one from the right)
Regional Manager, ANECOOP S. COOP

Mr. Javier Falcón Rosales (second one from the right)
Regional Manger, Papel Aralar S.A.
Mr. Sergio Piñuelo Otero (third one from the right)
Project Manager, ACCIONA
Mr. Jorge Oltra Martinez (second one from the left)
Managing Director – Hong Kong & China, Magic Box Toys
Mr. Ivan Aquino (third one from the left)
Export Area Manager, ARAEX Grands Spanish Fine Wines

Event Highlights

Learning practical business Spanish

Mr. Santiago Cruz delivering a class on business Spanish.

Students answering questions actively during class.

Exploring cultural differences between Spain and Hong Kong

Mr. Eduardo J. Jimenz Moro explaining cultural differences between Spain and Hong Kong from an academic perspective.

Understanding brand management with LaLiga


Mr. Eduard Castell presenting souvenirs to students with high scores in the quizzes.


Soccer ball and jersey display.

Learning what makes fine wine and good business etiquettes


Students learning about wine appreciation with Mr. Justin Li (left) and Mr. Billy Choy (right)


Mr. Alan Man providing tips on how to make a good impression in the workplace.

Appreciating Spanish history and culture through Flamenco

Ms. Mariko Drayton giving a live demonstration of the vibrant Spanish Flamenco dance.


Students were amazed by the Flamenco performance.

An Evening of Celebration

On the last evening of the tour, students enjoyed a simple but heartwarming farewell dinner in celebration of their achievements.

Budweiser and Puma had graciously sponsored souvenirs and beer for the Farewell Dinner. Students with outstanding performances during their presentations were even awarded special gifts sponsored by Budweiser, Hawkers, and LaLiga.