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Mr. Tin Lai Man 田禮文先生
BA (Hons) CityU, MAMC CityU
Senior Lecturer
School of Arts and Social Sciences


Offering a new critical approach and methodology to integrate aesthetics, media and technology, Man Tin's work and research concerns topics of digital replication, evolutionary aesthetics, phenomenology of perception via imaging technologies such as 3D scanning, machine learning, computational and digital art.
Man Tin is a media artist, art consultant, curator and educator, his works have been exhibited at the SidewalkCINEMA Festival, Kino Art Festival, FMT Festival, Prototype Festival, HK ARTcomics, 798 Art Zone, Sweden, Czech Republic, and the USA. He graduated from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and possessed a correspondence Master’s Degree in Media Cultures. Man is also the founder at PRÉCÉDÉE, a unique art space exploring the possibilities of creating dialogues with the community through round-the-clock exhibitions.


Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Aesthetics
  • Art and Technology
  • Computational and Digital Art
  • Computer Vision and Machine-made Art

Academic & Professional Experience


Design Consultant, Quit Job Make Art

Art Consultant, New World Development

Film Critic, Hong Kong Film Critics Association


Selected Joint Exhibition

  • WOA’22 Part One, The Stallery, Hong Kong (Jul - Aug 2022)
  • NEXXCREATE Digital Entertainment FEST cum Awards 2022, GO Museum, Central Market, Cyberport, Hong Kong (Jun - Aug 2022)
  • FMT festival - ELEMENTS, NGO DEI, Prague, Czech Republic (April 2022)
  • What’s on Paper, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong (Dec 2019)
  • The Sonic Adventure II, Kino Art, Malý sál, Brno, Czech Republic (Oct 2019)
  • 從這裏到這裏-----消失與流轉再生之間的社群, CCCD Artspace - 碧波押 Green Wave Art, supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council (Apr - May 2019)
  • TIAMAT - All These Worlds Are Yours Except Earth, 7 Mallory Street (formerly named as Comix House Base), Hong Kong (Oct 2018)
  • water_3_modulation, 3, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong (Sep 2018)
  • 流魂【二十八】頌 : 溶合媒體展覽, Videotage, Hong Kong (Sep 2017)
  • The Meaty Mushroom, JCCAC, Hong Kong (Nov 2011)
  • HK ARTcomics 2011, Artist Commune, Hong Kong (Feb - Mar 2011)
  • The 65th, Artist Commune, Hong Kong (Nov 2010)
  • Bag For Better, YY9 Gallery, Hong Kong (May 2009)
  • SidewalkCINEMA Festival, Kaiserstrae, Nebubau, Vienna (Sep 2007)

Solo Exhibition

  • 突然休館, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong (Feb 2019)
  • In Simulation We live, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong (Sep 2017)
  • Super Saiman, No Pop Gallery, New Haven, USA (Oct 2016)

Selected Curatorial/ Co-organized Project

  • Gardening of Soul: Introduction, The House of Art Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic (Dec 2022 - Mar 2023)
  • PROTOTYP AI ART (Festival of Arts, Sciences and Technology - Prototype 2022 Festival), KUMST Brno, Czech Republic + PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong (Oct - Nov 2022)
  • The North Wind, PRÉCÉDÉE, Hong Kong (Apr 2021)
  • 1st Shot, L1 Gallery, JCCAC Hong Kong (Apr 2012)
  • The 65th, Artist Commune, Hong Kong (Nov 2010)

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  • Tin, L. (2022). “Generative Adversarial Network Algorithms in Art: Machine Vision in Generation of Collage Art”. In: Tareq Ahram and Redha Taiar (eds) Human Interaction & Emerging Technologies (IHIET 2022): Artificial Intelligence & Future Applications. AHFE (2022) International Conference. AHFE Open Access, vol 68. AHFE International, USA. Open Access.
  • Tin, L. (2022). “Generative Adversarial Network Algorithms in Art: Data Video”. In: Tareq Ahram, Waldemar Karwowski, Pepetto Di Bucchianico, Redha Taiar, Luca Casarotto and Pietro Costa (eds) Intelligent Human Systems Integration (IHSI 2022): Integrating People and Intelligent Systems. AHFE (2022) International Conference. AHFE Open Access, vol 22. AHFE International, USA. Open Access.
  • Tin, M.Lm. (2021). “Artificial Neural Networks in Art - Face Colorization and 3D Visualization”. In: Russo, D., Ahram, T., Karwowski, W., Di Bucchianico, G., Taiar, R. (eds) Intelligent Human Systems Integration 2021. IHSI 2021. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 1322. Springer, Cham, pp. 503-508.
  • Tin, M.Lm. (2020). “Machine, Discourse and Power: From Machine Learning in Construction of 3D Face to Art and Creativity”. In: Ahram, T., Karwowski, W., Vergnano, A., Leali, F., Taiar, R. (eds) Intelligent Human Systems Integration 2020. IHSI 2020. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 1131. Springer, Cham, pp. 517-523.
  • Tin, M.Lm. (2020). “3D Scanning and Visual Dimension – Technological and Creative Evolution”. In: Ho, A. (eds), Advances in Human Factors in Communication of Design. AHFE 2019. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 974. Springer, Cham, pp. 130-137.

Selected Professional & Community Services

  • Member, Center for Artificial Art Research (2022 - Present)
  • Member, Sweden Föreningen Musikspektra T Society (2021 - Present)
  • Committee Member, Young Artists Development Foundation (2019 - Present)
  • Executive Committee, Hong Kong Designers Association (2016 - 2020)
  • Full Member, Hong Kong Designers Association (2016 - Present)
  • Member, Chinese Digital Games Research Association (2017 - Present)
  • Master Workshop Artist, Master Series Workshop, Young Artist Development Foundation (2015 - Present)
  • Jury Panel, HK Territory-wide Youths Painting Day (2016 - Present)
  • Jury Panel, International Children Painting Competition (2016 - Present)

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