Media Coverage : 《戲曲之旅》2021年10月號 粵劇導賞與體驗

School of Arts and Social Sciences Media Coverage : 《戲曲之旅》2021年10月號 粵劇導賞與體驗

Media Coverage : 《戲曲之旅》2021年10月號 粵劇導賞與體驗

The School of Arts and Social Sciences (A&SS) offered a General Education course “Cantonese Opera Culture: Appreciation and Experience” for the first time in 2021 Summer. The Xiqu Centre of West Kowloon Cultural District was invited to co-organize some of the classes with A&SS.

This course introduces students to the history and knowledge of Cantonese opera culture. Students are able to learn the basic connotation, aesthetic characteristics and operation of the Cantonese opera trade.

In addition, with the support of the Xiqu Center, our students could experience the Cantonese opera culture and performances demonstrated by the music and artiste teams at its Tea House Theater.

Article re-posted from 《戲曲之旅》,2021年10月號,page 48 to 49.