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Hello dear alumni, it's been a long time since we last met, how are you?

The past year has been a challenging one. The social incidents, the coronavirus outbreak, and the gloomy economic outlook, have made a mark on the city and the livelihood of the citizens. Amidst growing hardship and uncertainties, our alumni's commitment to serve the community has been most heartwarming. Our nursing alumni are at the frontline providing the best medical care to those who need it most, while alumni from the education sector continue to support our next generation's learning with professionalism. And many of the others, from the fields of engineering, sciences, business to culture, media and social services, all stayed committed to their work at this difficult time. To all of you we owe our deepest gratitude.

At times like this, the Alumni Affairs Office would like to make a little contribution and bring positive energy to the alumni community. Recently, the 'Cheer You Up' WhatsApp Sticker Design Campaign was held to invite submissions of our alumni and students, who turned smart ideas into creative WhatsApp Stickers. We have then made use of some of the shortlisted designs to produce a face mask folder, which has been sent to our fellow alumni earlier together with our love and care, as a token of support.


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