Online talk series: Navigating a career change

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The pandemic has reshaped our society in a substantial way. To prepare you for the challenges ahead, the Alumni Affairs Unit has launched a year-long 'Restart 2021'campaign, featuring a range of activities on family, career and wellness to equip and renew ourselves from the inside out.

Amidst the challenges of the 'new normal', a new opportunity in your career blooms. Here comes our New Perspective for Career Development online talk series by alumna DJ Ms CPui Lo and alumni from various sectors will share wisdom and experience. First on the list will be the talk on 'Navigating a career change'. Alumna Ms Vindy Chan Wai-yee will be walking through her fascinating career journey full of twists and turns, sharing tips on coping with career transitions.

Speaker: Alumna Ms Vindy Chan Wai-yee (Bachelor of Social Sciences)

After several years in the entertainment industry, Vindy switched her career path. She became a host of TV and radio financial programmes and successfully built up a professional image. Years later, she ventured into another new area, set up her own floral cake workshop and later a fine bakery, taking a bold step forward in her career.

Host: Alumna Ms CPui Lo (BBA in Management)

CPui works in the online marketing field. Having genuine interest in performing arts and radio broadcasting, she is also a radio DJ and occasionally works as an MC and voice talent.


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