'Cheer You Up' WhatsApp Sticker Design Campaign

Alumni Events and Activities 'Cheer You Up' WhatsApp Sticker Design Campaign


Give your brain a jumpstart and turn your smart ideas into innovative WhatsApp stickers! The Alumni Affairs Office of the Public Affairs Unit is pleased to bring you this special opportunity through which your talent shines and creativity is fully unleashed. All alumni and students are welcome to convert your creative brilliance into WhatsApp stickers and share positive energy with all members of the OUHK community to chase away the gloom!


Create your WhatsApp sticker based on the following themes:

1)  Motivational, encouraging and bringing positive energy to brighten up moody days; OR
2)  For daily WhatsApp communication such as 'Thank you', 'OK', 'Happy Birthday', etc.

Each design can be made up of graphics only, text only or a combination of both.

Each design should contain elements of the OUHK, which can be in form of the appearance of a symbolic item, integrating the concept into the design or having the University name shown. Reference can be made to the sample stickers below designed by alumnus Bailey Chan.

Each participant is allowed to submit a maximum of five designs.




Enrolment and Submission

Please click here to fill in the online form and submit the design(s) (Please put all files in a single ZIP or RAR folder).

All designs must be in PNG format. Each of them should be 512 x 512 pixels and less than 100KB.

Closing date: 24 May 2020


Terms & Conditions

Please click here.