A Graduation Gift to Me & U – Mumu the MU cat graduate

Alumni Events and Activities A Graduation Gift to Me & U – Mumu the MU cat graduate

Name: MU Cat

Nickname: Mumu

Gender: Female

Designer: Li Tsz Ho, Teddy (Creative Advertising and Media Design programme)

Personality: brave, curious, energetic, friendly


  • Internet surfing – to keep track of the latest news of HKMU and AAU
  • Making friends – enjoy participating in the events organized by AAU with friends

Favorite colour: green and blue

Most frequently visited restaurant: MU Café

Most frequently visited shopping mall: Ho Man Tin Plaza

Hello! I am Mumu, graduate of Hong Kong Metropolitan University. I am a white cat with green and blue eyes, which are of the same colour of the HKMU logo! I have made many friends during my study at the University. By the time of graduation, we returned to campus and took photos at many beautiful backdrops, recording the memorable moments of our college life. After graduation, we stay connected with the Development and Alumni Affairs Office to get the latest information of the alma mater and take part in various alumni events and activities! I am looking forward to making more friends at the alumni events in future! Meow~

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