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Dr Kevin Hung, Assistant Professor in Electronic and Computer Engineering of the School of Science and Technology, has a hearty and boisterous character. His teaching methods have also been vivaciously refreshing, earning him a President's Award for Teaching Excellence at the OUHK. Formerly a medical device engineer, Dr Hung quitted his high income job decisively ten years ago to start teaching at the OUHK.

Down-to-earth practical teaching

‘After working in the same field for some time, I longed to nurture young people and do more meaningful work,’ he says. Dr Hung considers practical work experience an important aspect of his teaching. ‘Practical experiences gained from activities such as industry visits, internships and overseas exchange can help students build confidence and prepare for a career,’ he explains. Dr Hung also led students to attend international conferences and sought opportunities for graduating students to collaborate with companies in doing their final year projects. He was overjoyed and gratified that his efforts had paid off with fruitful results. Some students were allowed to have their internship and final year project in the same company, and were eventually employed as full-time staff there due to their outstanding performance. Some students won awards in open competitions with their theses, and their ideas were developed into commercial products.

Building networks with industry should not be the privilege of Year 3 and 4 students only. Dr Hung is determined to let students come into contact with industry practitioners at the beginning of the study programme. He meticulously developed an interesting course called “Integrated Project” for Year 1 students and led them to start from the front line by visiting shops selling equipment parts and components in Sham Shui Po. After that students had to design their own products and find solutions for real-world problems. Scholars and industry practitioners were invited to evaluate the works of students and provide professional opinions. Students and alumni who have participated in the project must have found the experience memorable.

Students' companion and friend

In addition to helping students prepare for career, Dr Hung also pays much attention to the personal growth of students. ‘I also encountered failures when I was a student. I understand the difficulties of being a student and tailor my teaching to the needs of the students accordingly. We should all learn from our mistakes,’ he says. Throughout these teaching years, he feels like having a stronger bond with students. One student was quite depressed after the death of a close relative and sought his company, but he was shocked to find inadequate support from the student’s family members and friends. ‘It’s so sad, but I felt grateful that he invited me to walk through this critical juncture in life with him,’ he recalls. Dr Hung still maintains a close relationship with many graduates as both mentor and friend.

While Dr Hung’s well-designed courses have enriched the learning experience of students, he also came up with a bucket list for himself, adding new items to the list every year to enhance his experience and knowledge. He has learnt to play the flute since childhood and one of his wishes is to go busking on the street before performing in a concert. As the father of two young girls, Dr Hung is making his wish come true step by step. ‘I hope my performance will bring fun and happiness to others, and to experience this special moment together with my wife and daughters.’