Restart 2021

Alumni Events and Activities Past Event Restart 2021


The past year has been a very, very long one. As the pandemic has dragged on, some may find themselves feeling depleted with plans derailed and life messed up. If you are feeling a bit weary, feeling a raft of mixed emotions, you are not alone. Having weathered the stormy year and navigated the lowest tides, we all have learnt something.

Renew and restart. The Alumni Affairs Office is pleased to walk side by side with you and let's equip ourselves for the hardest challenges with courage and resilience. Be it career, health, family, relationships, and life, let's work more on our well-being — nurture our mind, strengthen our body, cultivate more positive emotions and create a vision for the future. Future will always hold new challenges for us. Remember you are not alone.

Family is always the most comforting safe haven whenever we face difficulties. We have prepared some heart-warming events to share some love and care with you and your loved ones on the road to recovery.

What a lesson the pandemic has taught us and we all know how important it is to stay healthy. At the beginning of 2021, let's take care of ourselves inside and out and get ready for the new challenges ahead.

It's time to restart and plan for your career. Some exciting events are in the pipe line to help you equip yourself for challenges in the workplace.