TV broadcast programmes

Office for Advancement of Learning and Teaching TV broadcast programmes  

‘Knowledge for All’:

  • is broadcast on TVB Pearl, every Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm;
  • includes programmes focusing on finance and investment, health care, environmental issues, education, language and literature, and history and culture; and
  • is of interest to secondary school students, university students, and working adults looking to enrich their knowledge.

Great Speakers Series   China Institute Seminar Series   IIBG - Institute of International Business and Governance Seminar Series       RIBiLT - Research Institute in Bilingual Learning and Teaching

 Broadcast Schedule

Spring 2021 Presentation

FEBRUARY 7142128 
MARCH 7142128 
APRIL 4111825 
MAY 29162330
JUNE 6132027 
JULY 4111825 
AUGUST 18152229