HKMU 35th Anniversary Milestones
  • 1980s
  • 1990s
  • 2000s
  • 2010s
  • 2020s
May 1989
The Open Learning Institute of Hong Kong (OLI) is established by the Hong Kong Government through legislation to offer part-time degree programmes.
May 1989
Professor Donald Swift is appointed the first OLI Director.
May 1989
Mr Cheng Hon-kwan is appointed the first OLI Council Chairman.
Jun 1989
With a core staff of 39, the OLI commences operation. The OLI Council meets for the first time. The Academic Board is established.
Oct 1989
4,237 students enroll in the first eight courses presented by the School of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Business and Administration, and School of Science and Technology.
Oct 1989
The OLI broadcasts its first TV series World of Learning on TV.
Jun 1990
The OLI moves into Trade Department Tower in Mong Kok.
Jul 1991
Professor Gajaraj Dhanarajan is appointed the second OLI Director.
Oct 1991
The OLI offers its first degree programme in Chinese.
Jun 1992
Dr Peter Wong Hong-yuen becomes Council Chairman.
Aug 1992
OLI establishes the fourth School – the School of Education.
Feb 1993
The OLI's 17 degree programmes are validated by Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation.
Apr 1993
With sound financial performance, the OLI becomes self-financing.
Nov 1993
161 graduates are awarded degrees at the OLI's First Congregation.
Aug 1994
Professor Tam Sheung-wai is appointed the third OLI Director.
Oct 1995
The first Master's Degree, in Business Administration, is offered.
Oct 1996
The Government grants the OLI self-accrediting status.
Oct 1996
The OLI moves to a new campus in Ho Man Tin.
May 1997
The Legislative Council passes the OLI (Amendment) Bill 1997 renaming the OLI as “The Open University of Hong Kong” (OUHK).
Dec 1997
The OUHK presents the first batch of 11 MBA graduates.
Jul 1998
Dr the Honourable Charles Lee Yeh-kwong is appointed Council Chairman.
Oct 1998
The OUHK launches its Chinese MBA programme in mainland China.
Nov 1998
The OUHK Electronic Library is inaugurated.
Mar 1999
The OUHK receives the prestigious Award of Excellence for Institutional Achievement in Distance Education from the Commonwealth of Learning.
Jun 1999
The International Council for Open and Distance Education confers the Prize of Excellence for Institutions on the OUHK.
Feb 2000
The OUHK's Centre for Continuing and Community Education is renamed the Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education.
Jun 2000
The OUHK Electronic Library wins the Stockholm Challenge Award in a global IT contest.
Dec 2000
The OUHK's first off-campus learning centre, the Island Learning Centre, opens at Shun Tak Centre in Sheung Wan.
Sep 2001
The OUHK launches its first full-time face-to-face programme at the Associate Degree level.
May 2003
The OUHK launches its first full-time honours degree programme offering full articulation for Associate Degree holders.
Jun 2003
Dr Philip Wu Po-him is appointed Council Chairman.
Aug 2003
The Shenzhen office of OUHK Consultants (Shenzhen) Limited opens.
Dec 2003
Professor John Leong Chi-yan takes office as the fourth President.
Jul 2004
Dr the Honourable Charles Lee Yeh-kwong is reappointed Council Chairman.
Dec 2004
The OUHK presents the first batch of 46 graduates of its full-time undergraduate programmes.
Aug 2005
The OUHK Homantin Plaza Learning Centre is opened.
Aug 2007

The OUHK launches free online courseware for public access.

Sep 2007

The OUHK offers full-time undergraduate programmes through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) for the first time.

Dec 2007

The OUHK is included in the Government's Matching Grant Scheme for the first time and raises a total of HK$160 million.

Jun 2008
The OUHK Clinical Nursing Education Centre is opened.
Jun 2009
Dr Eddy Fong Ching is appointed Council Chairman.
Sep 2009
Campus Phase Two opens.
Mar 2010

The OUHK-CITA Learning Centre opens.

Feb 2012
Construction of the Jockey Club Campus begins.
Sep 2013
The OUHK launches full-time programmes in creative arts, testing and certification, and strengthens the nursing programmes to support three of the six crucial industries promoted by the Government.
Nov 2013
Dr the Honourable Charles Lee Yeh-kwong is appointed Pro-Chancellor.
Nov 2013
Kwai Hing Learning Centre opens.
Feb 2014
Jockey Club Campus opens.
Apr 2014
Professor Yuk-Shan Wong takes office as the fifth President.
Jul 2015
Launch of the OUHK Institute for Research in Innovative Technology & Sustainability.
Sep 2015
A total of 350 places of four full-time undergraduate programmes of the OUHK receive the subsidy from the Government's newly-launched Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP). This is the largest share among local self-financing institutions. Since then, the Scheme has expanded continuously to cover more places and programmes of the University.
Oct 2015
Launch of the OUHK Tin Ka Ping Centre of Chinese Culture.
Nov 2015
The OUHK is appointed assessment agency for TIC (Testing, Inspection & Certification) practitioners.
Dec 2015
Launch of the OUHK Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities.
Dec 2015
Launch of the University motto “Disce, Progredere, Crea”.
Jun 2016
Dr Michael Wong Yick-kam is appointed Council Chairman.
Jul 2016
Launch of the OUHK Institute for Research in Open and Innovative Education.
Dec 2016
Launch of the OUHK Research Institute for Bilingual Learning and Teaching.
Dec 2016
Launch of the OUHK Institute of International Business and Governance.
Sep 2017
The OUHK launches new programmes including sports and recreation management, and international hospitality and attractions management, etc.
Nov 2017
Animation students win the "Best Animated Short Film" at the 54th Golden Horse Awards.
Jan 2018
The Division of Nursing and Health Studies is formally established as OUHK's fifth School – School of Nursing and Health Studies.
Sep 2018
The OUHK introduces new full-time programmes including financial technology, global market and supply chain management, etc.
Feb 2019
Launch of the OUHK Public and Social Policy Research Centre.
Sep 2020
The OUHK launches physiotherapy programme.
Jan 2021
The OUHK Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare officially opens.
Apr 2021
Professor Paul Lam Kwan-sing takes office as the sixth President.
Sep 2021
The OUHK is retitled “Hong Kong Metropolitan University” (HKMU).
Sep 2021

HKMU establishes the School of Open Learning to coordinate its distance-learning and part-time programmes.

Jun 2022
Ir Dr Conrad Wong Tin-cheung is appointed Council Chairman.
Jun 2022
A new motto 「勵學致遠 敬慎日新」(Transcendence through Erudition and Renewal) is approved by the University Council.
Jun 2022
Establishment of HKMU Physiotherapy Centre Limited.
Aug 2022
Establishment of HKMU Research Development and Consultancy Limited.
Sep 2022
Establishment of Hong Kong Metropolitan University Alumni Association Limited.
Dec 2022
HKMU Physiotherapy Centre commences operations.
Dec 2022
A total grant of HK$73.9 million received from Education Bureau to launch two new programmes – “Bachelor of Arts with Honours in New Music and Interactive Entertainment” and “Bachelor of Science with Honours in Construction Management and Quantity Surveying”.
Jan 2023
Launch of HKMU Digital Art Laboratory.
Aug 2023
HKMU Ina Ho Cantonese Opera Research Centre opens.
Sep 2023
HKMU launches “Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Medical Laboratory Science” programme, which is supported by a grant of over HK$40 million from the Education Bureau.
Sep 2023
HKMU Medical Science Laboratory opens.
Sep 2023
Launch of an academic reform, which sees all programmes on offer being transferred from a five-credit system to a three-credit-unit denomination framework within five years.
Sep 2023
Establishment of HKMU Foundation to reinforce the connection with stakeholders.
Sep 2023
Since the Research Grants Council (RGC) launched in 2014 the Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector, the University has been performing very well and consistently obtained competitive research grant. This year alone, HKMU tops the research grant table with HK$29.1 million secured from the RGC, accounting for over 35% of its total funding for self-financing institutions.
Nov 2023
Dr Eddy Fong Ching is appointed Pro-Chancellor.
Nov 2023
HKMU signs an agreement with the Science, Technology and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality to establish Hong Kong Metropolitan University Shenzhen Research Institute, becoming Hong Kong's first self-financing tertiary institution to be admitted to the Shenzhen Virtual University Park.
Jan 2024
HKMU kicks off year-long 35th anniversary celebrations.
Mar 2024

HKMU becomes Hong Kong's first University of Applied Sciences.