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New chapter in
alumni affairs development

Retitling has opened up a new era for HKMU. As the University advances in multiple aspects, alumni affairs development is also venturing into a new chapter. Hong Kong Metropolitan University Alumni Association Limited (HKMUAA), a subsidiary of the University, has been established as an official platform to coordinate and support alumni groups, affairs and activities. The current Alumni Affairs Unit of the Public Affairs Office will be expanded and its fundraising functions encompassed to become the new Development and Alumni Affairs Office. A brand new alumni identity proof system in the form of a mobile application has also been developed to offer alumni more dedicated and dynamic services, enabling them to enjoy one-stop services and benefits in a more convenient way.

A new framework

Officially formed by the University and registered as a subsidiary, HKMUAA is governed by the Board of Directors, under which is the Executive Committee (ExCom) fully composed of alumni responsible for strengthening alumni engagement. 'As the alumni community grows, the University is determined to foster closer ties with alumni and strengthen alumni networks. Following University retitling last year, a comprehensive review of the structure of its current alumni bodies was conducted and the new umbrella alumni association was established,' says Prof. Lui Yu-hon, Vice President (Resources and Development) cum Chairman of HKMUAA's Board of Directors.

'Many of our alumni groups were formed based on academic programmes, interests and geographical connections. It is anticipated that HKMUAA will act as an effective platform to render support to the alumni groups. They shall be represented on the ExCom by sending candidates to run for seats reserved for them, and work side by side with HKMUAA to formulate activities and services catering for the interests and needs of alumni,' continues Prof. Lui.

First session of ExCom

According to the Rules of Procedures Governing the HKMUAA Executive Committee, the first session of the ExCom is appointed by the Board of Directors, while thereafter, the Committee will be elected by HKMUAA members. Comprising members from various programmes and sectors, the first session is led by President Mr Calvin Wong, a Chinese Language and Literature graduate and former President of the Students' Union. 'The ExCom shares common goals and the same beliefs as the University. We plan to unite the alumni through different activities and services, and initiate career support for fellow alumni, in particular the young graduates,' says Calvin. Moreover, Court membership will be granted to a representative of the ExCom through nomination by the Board to the University.

Dedicated office to launch

To strengthen the support to HKMUAA and the alumni community, the University will expand the Alumni Affairs Unit of the Public Affairs Office and encompass its fundraising functions to form a new Development and Alumni Affairs Office effective from 1 October 2022. 'Alumni are our most important asset. I believe that under the new framework, more resources will be made available to support HKMUAA and its members,' says Prof. Lui.

Mobile app developed


Meanwhile, the University has launched a brand new alumni identity proof system in the form of a mobile application to replace the existing 'Alumni Link' Scheme in view of the wide application of smartphones. By simply downloading the mobile app HKMU Alumni+, alumni can activate their alumni identity proof in just a few steps and access one-stop alumni services in a more convenient way — from enjoying diverse services and privileges, participating in activities, keeping abreast of developments of the University and alumni affairs, to updating personal information. They can also take instant action to join HKMUAA to enjoy exclusive privileges and more.