Master of Science in Scientific Research (MSCSRF)

School of Science and Technology Programmes Department of Applied Science Master of Science in Scientific Research (MSCSRF)

Master of Science in Scientific Research (MSCSRF)

Programme code :MSCSRF
Type of programme/ Mode of study:Full-time and Part-time Master's Degree Programme
Medium of instruction:English

Entry Requirements

Students admitted to the Master of Science in Scientific Research (科學研究理學碩士) (MSCSRF) programme should have

  • A Bachelor's degree in science and technology from a recognized institution or equivalent qualification with science background;
  • Applicants must meet the English language proficiency requirements set by HKMU (DSE, TOEFL, IELTS, CET-6, etc., details showed in the table below) if their Bachelor's Degrees or equivalent qualification did not adopt English as the medium of instruction. 
Proficiency Test
Minimum score
English Language Subject of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE)
Level 3
TOEFL – paper-based
TOEFL – paper delivered
60 (total scores for Reading, Listening and Writing sections)
TOEFL – internet based
*Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend a (face-to-face or online) admission interview after submitting applications. Applicant must have passed the admission interview for successful application.

Programme Aims

The programme provides students with key knowledge and skills on how to conduct scientific research. Students are also required to conduct research projects in certain aspects of applied science to complete the master's degree.

The aims of the programme are to

  1. develop students with critical and objective awareness, knowledge and skills in scientific research methodologies; and
  2. enable students to master and apply advanced experimental skills to research projects.

Programme Structure

Courses Lists for MSCMLSF

Course codeCourse titleCredit UnitsExisting/New Course
SCI 8010SEFScientific Research Methodologies6New
1SCI 8011SEFResearch and Science Laboratory in Practice9New
SCI 8013SEFProfessional and Research Skills in Science3New
2SCI 8012SEFResearch and Technology Laboratory in Practice9New
SCI 8014SEFProfessional and Research Skills in Technology3New
SCI 8019SEFDissertation12New

Students need to choose either courses combination 1 or 2 based on their major stream.

1: science stream;

2: technology stream

Students enrolled in the programme will be divided into two major streams: science or technology. For students belonging to the science stream, they will study SCI8010SEF, SCI8011SEF, SCI8013SEF and SCI8019SEF. For students belonging to the technology stream, they will study SCI8010SEF, SCI8012SEF, SCI8014SEF and SCI8019SEF. According to the research field of their dissertation, they will be further assigned into different concentrations. For the science students, they will be divided into three concentrations: (1) Biological Research, (2) Chemical Research, or (3) Environmental Research. For the technology students, they will be divided into three concentrations: (1) Electrical and Electronic Research, (2) Physical and Mechanical Research, or (3) Information Technology Research. After their graduation, students will obtain their master's degree, MSc in Scientific Research. In addition, their concentration will be indicated in their transcript, e.g. MSc in Scientific Research (Concentration: Biological Research).

Teaching and Learning

Students will learn through full-time or part-time face-to-face mode with online support. All the prescribed courses will also be supported by the HKMU Online Learning Environment (OLE) which provides online discussion for interaction among students and between lecturers and students. This allows discussion of theories explained in the courses, their applications and evaluations. The scientific research activity will be supervised by a designated faculty with the support of laboratory technicians.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this programme will be eligible for pursuing higher research degrees in local and overseas universities and research institutes. Graduates will also find a variety of career opportunities in governmental agencies, industry, consultants, and private sectors etc. The jobs include research & development in industries, consultancy for relative projects, and other relevant jobs in the fields of testing & certification, environmental science, life sciences and information technology etc.

Research Interests of Supervisors (Please click the Supervisors' names to see their detailed profiles)

Staff MemberResearch Interests
AU YEUNG Siu Kei, Jeff
BEng (Hons) MPhil PhD HKUST
• Digital Video Processing
• Automatic Speech Recognition
• Machine Learning
• Signal Processing
CHAN Man Ngai, Sidney
BSc (Hons), PhD (CityU)
• Bioremediation of Organic Pollutants
• Applications of Microalgae
• Analytical Chemistry
• Environmental Monitoring
CHEN Jianlin
BSc MSc TJU, PhD CityU
• Environmental (Bio) Chemistry
• Biosensors
• Green chemistry
BSc ENU, MMedSc HKU, PhD PolyU
• Antibiotics Resistance
• Mechanism of Antimicrobial Effects
• Zoonotic Diseases
• Medical Laboratory Science
CHIU Wai Hang, Winnie
BSc, MPhil, PhD (HKUST)
• Chemical Analysis and Education
• Laboratory Safety and Techniques
CHUI Kwok Tai, John
BEng (Hons), PhD CityU
• Computational Intelligence
• Energy Monitoring and Management
• Intelligent Transportation
• Smart Metering and Sub-metering
FU Yaru
BEng (Hons) NEEPU, MSc (Hons) NUPT,
• Intelligent Communications and Networking
• Radio Resource Management
• Internet-of-Things
• Wireless Edge Caching and Computing
HAN Jie, Crystal
• Environmental and Chemical Analysis
• Testing and Certification
• Supramolecular Science
• Crystal Engineering and Materials Science
HUNG King Fai, Kevin
BSc (Hons) Queen's University, MPhil PhD CUHK
• Biomedical Engineering
• Mobile Health and Telehealth
• Biosignal Processing and Biosystem Simulation
• Engineering Education
• Medical Device
• Biomedical Informatics
LAM Siu Kei, Stephen
BEng PolyU, MSc (EEE) MSc (BSE) HKU,
• Building Services Engineering
• Renewable Energy
• Environmental Science
LAU Po Ying, Carol
BSc (Hons) PhD HKU
• Plant Reproductive Biology
• Tumorigenesis and Pathology of Bone Tumors
• Raman Spectroscopy
LEE Chi Chung, Tony
BEng (Hons), PhD (PolyU);
• Electrical and Electronic Testing
• Optical Communications
• Network Performance Monitoring
• Internet of Things (IoT)
LEE Lap Kei, Keith
BEng (Hons) PhD HKU
• Algorithms
• Natural Language Processing
• Educational Technology
• Bioinformatics
LEE Wang Fat, Fred
BSc (Hons) PhD PolyU
• Environmental Biochemistry
• Harmful Algal Blooms
• Coastal Wetland
• Proteomics
LI Chi Ho, Jimmy
BEng (Hons) MEng PolyU, MBA CityU, DEng OUHK,
Prof.Dip HKBU, PgCert UC Berkeley
MHKAAST, MASTM, CCAA Certified Auditor,
FHKICA, HKICA Registered Lead Auditor
• Industry 4.0
• Mixed Reality
• Design for Manufacture and Assembly
• Startup Ecosystem
• Modular Integrated Construction
LI Tin Lok, Matthew
BSc (Hons) PhD HKU, Postdoctoral HKU
• STEAM Education Planning and Implementation
• Science Education (Chemistry)
• Organic Synthesis
• Metal Catalysis
LI Yaohan, Yolanda
BEng (Hons) UNNC, MSc UCL, PhD PolyU
• Sustainable and Intelligent Infrastructure Systems
• Digital Twins
• Multi-hazard Risk Assessment
• Life-cycle Maintenance and Management
• Robust Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty
MAK Shu Lun
BEng (Hons) CityU, LLB UIBE, MSc CityU,
MEC DEng OUHK, CEng, FIMechE, FInstMC,
HKICA Registered Lead Auditor
• Control, Automation and Instrumentation
• Product Safety Testing and Engineering Design
• Quality Engineering and Management
• Innovation Technology Adoption
MO Wing Yin, Ian
• Health Risk Assessment with a focus on Food Safety
• Recycling Food Waste as Fish Feed
• Ecology and Conservation of Mangrove
• Ecological Performance of Restored Landfill
NG Ching Man, Christie
PhD PolyU
• Chemical Analysis
• Laboratory Techniques
RENOM Allan Patrick Stephane
Bachelor Master UPS Toulouse, PhD HKUST
• Animal and Plant Physiology
• Food and Health
• Cell and Molecular Biology
• Developmental Biology
• Microscopy
• Pharmacology Treatments
TAM Fung Yee, Nora
BSc (Hons) CUHK, MSc Sheffield UK,
MPhil CUHK, PhD York UK
C.I. Biol, F.I. Biol, BBS, JP
• Ecology and Conservation of Mangrove and Coastal Wetlands
• Bioremediation of Toxic Pollutants
• Biotechnology in Waste Treatment and Pollution Control
TAM Wan Ting, Emily
BSc (Hons) PhD HKU
• Molecular Microbiology
• Genetic Engineering
• Food Microbiology
• Microbial Diagnostics
• Bioactive Compounds in Fungi
TANG Wai Fan, Fanny
BSc (Hons) CityU, MSc HKU, EdD NTU
• Material Science and Properties
• Reliability Engineering
• Failure Analysis
• Higher Education Curriculum Development
TSANG Hin Fat, Alphonse
• Invasion Ecology
• Freshwater Ecology
TSANG Kin Wai, Ernest
BEng (Hons) PhD CityU
• Building Services Engineering
• Daylighting and Solar Radiation
• Building and Urban Energy Modeling
• Green and Wellness Buildings
WONG Sze Wan, Emily
• Vascular Biology
• Pharmacology
• Chinese Medicine
• Food and Drug Analysis
XU Jingliang, Steven
BSc, MSc JNU, PhD CityU
• Marine and Freshwater Pollution
• Aquatic Physiology
• Environmental Toxicology
• Microalgal Ecophysiology

Contact Information

Tel: +852 3120 2698

WhatsApp: +852 9494 3130 

WeChat: +852 9494 3130 

Jonathan Chiu
Marketing Director
3DP Technology Limited

Jonathan handles all external affairs include business development, patents write up and public relations. He is frequently interviewed by media and is considered a pioneer in 3D printing products.

Krutz Cheuk
Biomedical Engineer
Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

After graduating from OUHK, Krutz obtained an M.Sc. in Engineering Management from CityU. He is now completing his second master degree, M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, at CUHK. Krutz has a wide range of working experience. He has been with Siemens, VTech, and PCCW.

Hugo Leung
Software and Hardware Engineer
Innovation Team Company Limited

Hugo Leung Wai-yin, who graduated from his four-year programme in 2015, won the Best Paper Award for his ‘intelligent pill-dispenser’ design at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering’s International Conference on Consumer Electronics – China 2015.

The pill-dispenser alerts patients via sound and LED flashes to pre-set dosage and time intervals. Unlike units currently on the market, Hugo’s design connects to any mobile phone globally. In explaining how it works, he said: ‘There are three layers in the portable pillbox. The lowest level is a controller with various devices which can be connected to mobile phones in remote locations. Patients are alerted by a sound alarm and flashes. Should they fail to follow their prescribed regime, data can be sent via SMS to relatives and friends for follow up.’ The pill-dispenser has four medicine slots, plus a back-up with a LED alert, topped by a 500ml water bottle. It took Hugo three months of research and coding to complete his design, but he feels it was worth all his time and effort.

Hugo’s public examination results were disappointing and he was at a loss about his future before enrolling at the OUHK, which he now realizes was a major turning point in his life. He is grateful for the OUHK’s learning environment, its industry links and the positive guidance and encouragement from his teachers. The University is now exploring the commercial potential of his design with a pharmaceutical company. He hopes that this will benefit the elderly and chronically ill, as well as the society at large.

Soon after completing his studies, Hugo joined an automation technology company as an assistant engineer. He is responsible for the design and development of automation devices. The target is to minimize human labor and increase the quality of products. He is developing products which are used in various sections, including healthcare, manufacturing and consumer electronics.

Course Code Title Credits
  COMP S321F Advanced Database and Data Warehousing 5
  COMP S333F Advanced Programming and AI Algorithms 5
  COMP S351F Software Project Management 5
  COMP S362F Concurrent and Network Programming 5
  COMP S363F Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing 5
  COMP S382F Data Mining and Analytics 5
  COMP S390F Creative Programming for Games 5
  COMP S492F Machine Learning 5
  ELEC S305F Computer Networking 5
  ELEC S348F IOT Security 5
  ELEC S371F Digital Forensics 5
  ELEC S431F Blockchain Technologies 5
  ELEC S425F Computer and Network Security 5
 Course CodeTitleCredits
 ELEC S201FBasic Electronics5
 IT S290FHuman Computer Interaction & User Experience Design5
 STAT S251FStatistical Data Analysis5
 Course CodeTitleCredits
 COMPS333FAdvanced Programming and AI Algorithms5
 COMPS362FConcurrent and Network Programming5
 COMPS363FDistributed Systems and Parallel Computing5
 COMPS380FWeb Applications: Design and Development5
 COMPS381FServer-side Technologies and Cloud Computing5
 COMPS382FData Mining and Analytics5
 COMPS390FCreative Programming for Games5
 COMPS413FApplication Design and Development for Mobile Devices5
 COMPS492FMachine Learning5
 ELECS305FComputer Networking5
 ELECS363FAdvanced Computer Design5
 ELECS425FComputer and Network Security5