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About the Academic Reform (Distance-learning Programmes)

The University embarked on an academic reform exercise in mid-2021. This reform will not affect the basic structure of the existing programme curriculum. Under this exercise, the University is in the process of migrating from the current 5-credit system to a 3-credit-unit system.

Frequently Asked Questions

The University keeps updating its curricula and academic system. We started planning the Academic Reform in mid-2021. The Academic Reform is to achieve two main objectives. First, by switching to a 3-credit-unit system, we align ourselves with most local and overseas universities. This will make it simpler for credit transfers or credit exemptions with other universities and will also facilitate internationalisation and students’ mobility. Second, the Academic Reform introduces a new university core curriculum to provide common learning experience for students to be professional and responsible citizens. Through the Academic Reform, we are also reviewing and updating the content and organisation of our curricula. The Academic Reform does not affect the basic structure of the existing programmes.

Under the 5-credit system, students should complete and submit the form ‘Declaration of Programme of Study (Distance-learning)” if they have not yet informed the University which programme they pursue. After a student has chosen a programme, the School responsible for the programme curriculum will be able to provide timely academic advice to facilitate his or her completion of programme before the last conferment date.

If students cannot decide on the programme to pursue, they should consider selecting the more flexible Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) programme or Associate of General Studies (AGS) programme so that they have a higher chance of getting a qualification. 

To see the list of distance learning programmes available under the current 5-credit system, please visit:

With the Academic Reform, the programme requirements and regulations of the 3-credit-unit system will be different from those of the 5-credit system. However, continuing students will not be affected by the new credit system by following the programme regulations in the 5-credit system.

Every programme under the original credit system will be phased out in the time frame of the school responsible for the curriculum. The University will allow students the normal time to complete the programme based on established principles.

Continuing students take courses in the existing 5-credit system. They are not expected to spend a longer time to complete their programmes.

In the future, the University will continue to offer programmes bachelor’s degrees with honours. According to the needs of relevant industries and course arrangements, some programmes may award only an ordinary degree or only an honours degree. For some others, students may choose to target either the ordinary degree or the honours degree of the programme, or to first complete the ordinary degree and then the honours degree. For details, please contact the schools responsible for the programme curriculum.

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