Review of "Distance-learning Programmes Info Day"


To enhance public awareness of HKMU’s distance-learning programmes, the School of Open Learning (SOL) organized the ” Distance-learning Programmes Info Day” on 2 December. The event featured informative talk, students sharing, and a campus tour, providing participants with a comprehensive introduction to HKMU and its distance-learning programmes offerings.

During the event, our staff first presented useful information regarding admission requirements, programme features, learning support, and tuition fees for the distance-learning programmes. This allowed participants to gain a better understanding of the offerings. Afterwards, current students were invited to share their experiences and insights, and addressed various questions from the audience.

The event also included a campus tour, providing attendees with an opportunity to explore HKMU’s facilities and resources. The tour encompassed the campuses, libraries, computer centres, study rooms, and other facilities. Through the campus tour, participants were able to immerse themselves in the campus environment and atmosphere.

The event received a positive response from the participants, with some expressing their interest in enrolling in the distance-learning programmes. They approached the Registry Office staff to inquire about advanced standing, admission procedures, and programme options, and some of them decided to enrol on the spot.

Enrollment for the distance-learning programmes 2024 Spring Term is now open. Please click here to learn more or register online.