Challenge Yourself and Feel the Power of Teamwork: V-Power Orientation Day and Team Training Day Camp

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Recently, the School of Open Learning (SOL) organised an Orientation Day and Team Training Day Camp for the V-Power Volunteer Team to enable team members to get to know each other and to enhance their communication and collaboration skills through various team training exercises. The SOL also hopes that through participating in volunteer activities, students can care for the needy in the community, build up their civic awareness and contribute to the society, as well as train up their leadership, project management and organisation skills, which will help them in their career development.

The event was held on 4 November at Jockey Club Silvermine Bay Camp on Mui Wo with a total of 22 new and existing team members. After the welcome and briefing session, participants were first greeted with an exciting adventure activity: “Skywalker”. Participants had to overcome the fear of heights by themselves, and the support and encouragement among team members were also very important! Challengers and team members who successfully completed the task were very excited, and it also brought about a better understanding and bonding between them.

The next activity “Catapult” was a test of team leadership and communication skills. Team members had to work together to build a catapult and conduct a “Water Cannon Battle” within limited resources and time. This is definitely a test of physical ability and intelligence. Although there were unexpected difficulties  during the process, the satisfaction that the team members felt after completing the task was an irreplaceable experience.

After the exciting activities, the V-Power Volunteer Team held a reflection and discussion session, in which the team members shared their expectations of participating in volunteer activities. They hoped that they could contribute to the society through volunteer activities, and that they could grow themselves while helping others, and that they could learn the skills of communication and co-operation with others while expanding their circle of life.