Zhong Xiaoting

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Motto: Effort + Persistence = Success

Zhong Xiaoting, a science student at high school, transforms to be an art and a business student at HKMU, where she spent much energy adapting to the change.

“I knew nothing about business at the beginning of Year One,” Zhong says. “But my classmates are eager to help. I also read reference books and did research online to dig up the answers, where I have learnt a lot of business knowledge.”

When encountering problems that she couldn't deal with, she will ask professors for solutions. She thanks the professors for answering her questions patiently, especially Dr. Emily Ge who even makes her interested in language studies.

Despite having stayed in Hong Kong since secondary school, Zhong is still trying hard to learn Cantonese. She feels lucky to have chosen the right school and professions and she is also blessed with good teachers and schoolmates, who help her integrate into the u-life and Hong Kong culture.

Zhong has further learnt about Hong Kong and met local people from all walks of life through voluntary work. She cleaned up the beach at Tung Ping Chau, visited the elderly and led secondary and primary school students to draw their emotions through Pastel Nagomi Art and make soy wax candles for leisure pursuits.

With outstanding academic performance and active community engagement, Zhong is awarded the Outstanding Student Scholarship of the School. “The scholarship gives me recognition, which motivates me to pursue my dream as a teacher in my hometown, Huizhou, where most children drop out of school at young age.” She wishes to influence children there to study for a higher level.