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HKMU Sports Awards Scheme - Achievement Award
Talent Development Scholarship

“Plan before you act.”

YIP Yee Pui Kobe
Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration · Sports and Recreation Management · Year 4

Yip Yee Pui Kobe and her younger sister grew up watching their parents play different kinds of sports and games. Her mother is a Physical Education teacher in a secondary school, and her father a basketball and tennis coach. By osmosis, Yip picked up playing basketball when she was a small child. She is now captain of the University's women's basketball team. “We practise a lot and are performing well,” the proud captain said. “We spend much quality time together and share a lot of precious memories.”

Her love for basketball and sportsmanship inspired her career choice. Yip is now a part-time basketball coach for children in kindergarten as well as for teenagers in secondary schools. Upon graduation, she wishes to earn a place in the sports industry, feeling eager to apply what she has learnt in the University to real-world situations. “For the past four years, we have acquired important business and management skills, such as communication, problem-solving and decision- making, which I think will be greatly beneficial to my future career.”

Looking back at her university life, Yip said that her greatest challenge was linked to online learning. “I am quite a restless person. It is super hard for me to sit still in front of the computer for hours. When we were finally allowed to have face-to-face class, I could not wait to come back and explore every nook and cranny of the campus! I never get tired of finding new places where my friends and I could hang out between classes.”

It is her second time being awarded a sports scholarship. Last year when she first received the good news, she was over the moon and treated herself to new basketball outfit. “This year, I will make my other dream come true. I am going to learn Spanish with the money,” she beamed.