Xin Kaiman

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Motto: Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his/her mind to it.

Interested in modern Chinese literature, Prose, Shi and Ci Poetry, Xin Kaiman studies Chinese at HKMU. She has had outstanding academic performance, with GPA exceeding 3.5, being the top student in most subjects in the previous three years and awarded the Outstanding Student Scholarship of the School in the third year.

Asked about the most challenging experience in her study life, Xin says online classes which students mainly have had in these two years.

“My home network did not work well. My computer sometimes lagged when I had classes. I watched lectures' recording after class to jot notes in case I had missed any point.” Xin would also ask professors about the missing points and anything she did not understand. “I thank Dr. Benson Tong, Dr. Wong Chi Hung, Dr. Gary Tsang and Dr. Hung Chi Kum for their understanding. They are concerned for my learning difficulties and help me a lot.”


Outside the classroom, Xin volunteered to provide online academic support to primary students during the pandemic. She also dedicated her time to join a programme from Student Affairs Office that helps non-local students adapt to HKMU and the community. “I taught them Cantonese and we discovered Hong Kong different places. I am happy to have made friends with them.”

On top of the social service, Xin worked as an intern clerk at Hong Kong governmental departments and web content editor at Tencent in Shenzhen to explore her career path.

Xin thanks HKMU for selecting her as the best student of the School. “The scholarship not only lessens my financial burden, but also proves myself. I am braver to encounter difficulties and do what I want.”