Wong Yiu Wai

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Motto: Not to be an ordinary person.

Wong Yiu Wai is keen on anime production and he produced videos of existing anime by trimming and grouping different parts of the anime. His most famous video issued on YouTube four years ago has got nearly 70 thousand views so far. With the enthusiasm for further enhancing his skills, he chose to study Animation and Visual Effects at HKMU.

In the first year, Wong brushed up his drawing and painting which he was not good at. “I worked hard and have polished the techniques and skills for artistic creation in animation and digital visual effects. The lecturers are experienced in animation production with some having worked in the film industry for years and they teach me to maintain clear work flow,” Wong says.

Wong uploaded his animation work, including school group projects, to social media platforms to build up his portfolio. He also approached animators online and through talks to interchange ideas and techniques, which helps him expand social network in the industry and gain freelance job opportunities.

He also exposed himself in different projects to gain experience. In the “Anime & Dubbing Crossover Project 2021” which Film Culture Centre (Hong Kong) collaborated with HKMU students from the Animation and Visual Effects programme, he and his schoolmates created animation for creative dubbing by the public which encouraged bouncing off new interpretation of the plot and the dialogue.

With progress in animation production and academic performance, Wong is awarded the scholarship. “It recognises my effort and suggests I am on the right track of my career in animation!”