Wong Li Yan

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Motto: Don't be deterred by challenges and afraid of failure. Just give it a go.

Wong Li Yan believes that physical fitness is an important element in sustaining a future career in nursing. She has chosen to stay in shape and maintain her well-being by playing kin-ball, a team sport which is starting to reach a wider audience. She took up the sport four years ago and has already been selected to play for Hong Kong, representing the territory in Singapore in 2019, with her team winning the championship in the women's U-19 category.

The scholarship recognises Wong's all-round personal development, encompassing her progress on the academic side and her avid pursuit of sports. “It will provide the financial support to enable me to continue training and participating in future matches,” she says. “In kin-ball, a good team spirit among the players is very important; in that way it is similar to the close collaboration among doctors and nurses. The challenges faced in matches make you more resourceful when it comes to tackling difficulties in life. And, overall, sport is good preparation for future challenges we will encounter in the workplace.”

This practical and optimistic attitude allows Wong to see the positives even when contending with the hectic study schedule of the nursing programme.

“The lecturers are very patient in answering our questions. They take their time and stay calm, and that makes us less nervous,” she says.

“But there are lighthearted moments to enjoy too. For instance, in lectures, professionals share their experience, but they also tell us heart-warming stories, like receiving thank you cards from discharged patients who are now fully recovered. Hearing such stories makes us realise that nursing, though highly stressful at times, has many different facets, and it shows we have chosen the right profession.”