VALERIO Joshua Quijano

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HKMU Ethnic Minority Student Award
Youth Arch - HKMU Improvement Award

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

VALERIO Joshua Quijano
School of Science and Technology · Electronic and Computer Engineering · Year 4

A Hong Kong-born Filipino, Valerio Joshua Quijano was sent to the Philippines in his early years following his parents’ separation. He then returned to Hong Kong and continued his secondary education in a Buddhist school. “There I learnt a lot of important virtues, such as kindness and generosity.” Little did he know that what had been inculcated in his young mind would go on to guide and support him through the coming difficult times.

“In 2018, I was diagnosed with nasal turbinate and adenoid tumour. I became physically weak and was unable to attend class until I had surgery the following year. My GPA hit its lowest.”

The virtues of courage and perseverance came in handy. He pulled himself together, knuckled down and got on with some serious hard work, and finally managed to catch up on his studies and turn his GPA around.

Recovering from the jaws of defeat, Valerio takes every chance to do what he truly wants. “Even if the outcome is not what I expected, at least I can walk away knowing that I tried.” Last year, he was awarded a scholarship for ethnic minority students from the Hong Kong Unison, an organisation that promotes racial equality. He recalled participating in the organisation’s activity to encourage secondary school students to pursue higher education and offer insider tips to ethnic minority students. “Looking back, I had been constantly anxious about the future. I had wished there would be someone who could give me some advice, so I know these students are hoping for the same.”

To Valerio, family comes first and he will do anything to protect his. With the scholarships, he is going to pay the bills and take care of his mother whose health is declining. “I want to become the best at whatever I do to keep her happy.” He is currently a student trainee in Dr Wing Ho’s research project that aims to develop an education application for children with mental disabilities.