Tai Wing Sum

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Motto: Difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations.

Tai Wing Sum, an animal lover, has been dedicated to wildlife conservation since she was young. Tai has been equipped with theories and practical skills in conservation and ecology in HKMU to pursue her dream.

Two years ago, Tai articulated to HKMU's top-up degree programme after completing a sub-degree programme. Spurred on by hard-working counterparts, Tai has meant business about her academic performance at HKMU.

“I grab chances to speak up in class and after class whenever I have questions,” Tai says. No one could imagine she used to be introverted and dared not ask teachers questions.

Tai is grateful to have met provocative and enthusiastic teachers at HKMU. She thanks Dr. Steven Xu, Dr. Christie Ng and Dr. Ian Mo a lot for spending much time clearing up her misconceptions with patience.

And Tai's hard work pays off. She has been on the Dean's List for four semesters in a row. She is also awarded Outstanding Student Scholarship of the School, entitling her as the best student of her School.

Other than studying at school, she fought for opportunities to learn more about the animal and conservation knowledge and organise education activities by taking part in Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Ambassador Scheme. Tai designed game booths and held talks with teammates to promote the conservation of green sea turtles to primary and secondary school students, which improves her presentation skills and boosts her ego.

“The scholarship indeed recognises my efforts. I am the only one in the family to study at university. My family give me great support. I do not want to let them down,” Tai says. She, now being a Research Support Assistant at HKMU, will pursue further studies in environmental health and safety to achieve her goal.