Simran Sanjaybhai Kalathiya

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I work hard and go the extra mile to make my religious guru happy.

Simran Sanjaybhai Kalathiya is proactive in finding ways to make a meaningful contribution to society. “I want to use my voice and make a difference by helping to provide community services.” says Kalathiya, who was chosen to participate in a comprehensive, government-sponsored youth development programme. She led a team which explored ways to create sustainable projects and provide real tangible benefits for the younger generation, including ethnic minority groups.

The work also highlighted the different types of mental illness suffered by students in Hong Kong. By organising educational exhibitions at various schools, Kalathiya's team sought to dispel the stigma attached to mental illness and encourage anyone suffering symptoms to seek professional help.


The award of the OUHK scholarship recognises both her active engagement in community services and her first-rate academic performance. Kalathiya, who is the recipient of Outstanding Student Scholarship of the School, an award which entitled her as the best student of her School, hopes to become a chief executive, gave credit to her professors for their support and guidance. They have encouraged her to enter local and overseas university competitions and to build a comprehensive understanding of diverse aspects of the business world, including marketing, strategy and corporate governance.



“Contests are good opportunity to apply theories learned at school in a 'real-life' situation,” Kalathiya says. “It's like doing an intensive revision course.” She adds that taking part is also a great chance to hear different perspectives and new ideas and to receive constructive feedback from the judges. “There are many benefits, and I have also learned more about people from different cultural backgrounds.”