Peralta Jasmine Montanano

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Motto: Clearly recognise your own strengths and weaknesses. Any failure is a valuable lesson because there is always something to learn.

The experience of grappling with the challenges of a new learning environment in her first year at OUHK showed Peralta Jasmine Montanano the value of being highly adaptable. As a result, during her time at the University, she has made impressive progress in academic terms, besides building an extensive network of friends both on and outside the campus.

“Initially, I found that I had to make considerable adjustments to meet the requirements of university life, including the schedules and expectations of professors,” says the Year 2 student. “I also felt slightly nervous because I'm an English-speaking student on a primarily Cantonese-speaking campus.”

Realising that adjusting to OUHK's curriculum and study schedules was partly a matter of stepping outside her comfort zone, she soon found her feet in what proved to be a stimulating learning environment. “Once I felt more assured, I began to focus on my goals.” Montanano says.

And that meant getting actively involved in a wide range of events and competitions to showcase her various talents. She has participated in a speech festival, drama club activities and a writing competition, winning compliments from the judges and achieving progressively better results.

Being recognised as the best student of her School under the OUHK Outstanding Student Scholarship Scheme, Montanano, who aspires to become a teacher, is motivated to try even harder in her pursuit of academic excellence. “With this financial support, I want to take things to the next level by doing advanced studies, enhancing my skill set and getting broader experience.”