NG Wing Tung

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HSBC Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong) Scholarship
Outstanding Performance Scholarship

“Do your best, no matter how small the part is— it is all about teamwork.”

NG Wing Tung
School of Arts and Social Sciences · Creative Advertising and Media Design · Year 3

Media and advertising never ceases to fascinate Ng Wing Tung. “I am obsessed with every kind of advertisement, printed or digital.” When it was time to decide on a university major, she picked HKMU's Creative Advertising and Media Design in a heartbeat.

It turned out to be a wise decision. “HKMU is supportive of its students in every way. Our teachers are renowned scholars or qualified experts in their different fields. The programme has equipped me with a solid academic foundation as well as all the practical skills of media design and production to get a head start in the creative industry.” She discovered her love for digital marketing during her studies, and decided to strike a career path in that direction.

A creative person realises that true creativity involves combining both fun and hard work. “There is a course called Multi-Camera Studio Workshop that I found particularly mind-blowing. We were given a precious chance to learn using professional equipment for shooting, lighting and recording. In the final project, I needed to work with my classmates to produce a 30-minute TV show. It was an uphill battle! It required huge amount of arrangement, cooperation and precise division of labour to get it done. We were so thrilled when we finally pulled it off. It is absolutely the best memory I have ever had at HKMU.”

Ng is going to spend the scholarship in pursuing a Master’s Degree in the Greater Bay Area. “The Greater Bay Area has some of the most mature and sophisticated e-commerce platforms in the world, which is a great starting point for me to explore digital marketing. The mainland market is far too big to overlook. I find it necessary to go out there and try my luck. Hopefully, I can land an internship and find a career there.”