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"Prepare for the best and the worst so you know what to do if the worst happens. Do not give up — even when it's hard."

NG Tsz Wing
School of Nursing and Health Studies · General Health Care · Year 2

Since Secondary One, Ng Tsz Wing had aspired to become a nurse, taking her aunt as a role model. “My aunt, being a nurse herself, used to tell me a lot of work stories. Her job was never easy, but she regarded it as a source of immense satisfaction. I was deeply inspired.”

After getting herself into the School of Nursing and Health Studies, however, she was plagued by self- doubt. “I was familiar with the theories but too scared to apply them to real patients in clinical practicum. This feeling made me wonder whether I was cut out for the job.” Fortunately, she overcame the fear soon, and started to find a sense of mission and satisfaction from tending patients. “When they thanked me for what I did, it made it all worth it.”

A loving person and devotee of community service, Ng has been serving since Secondary Six as a voluntary tutor at Youth S.P.O.T, a community centre managed by the Hong Kong Federation of Young Groups (HKFYG). She also actively dedicates herself to all sorts of charitable activities, such as delivering festival meals to the underprivileged during the Chinese New Year and packing meal boxes at community canteens. “People my age usually go shopping in their leisure time, but I prefer volunteering,” she said with a laugh. “Engaging in charity work doesn’t get in the way of my study. Quite the opposite—I have learned to manage time more effectively during the process.” She also gets to spend time with people from all walks of life, shaping her into a more empathetic person who is willing to put herself in others’ shoes.

What Ng has garnered from HKMU is not only academic achievements but also warmth and affection. She has made a lot of friends and received countless support from teachers. “Special thanks to Miss Carol Kwok and Miss Yvonne Yu for their care and guidance inside and outside the classroom.”