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It was fascinating to develop a marketing strategy for a brand for the first time, and I learned a lot about marketing principles. Additionally, we had the opportunity to visit the cookie brand's factory, gaining insights into the production process.

Venturing Beyond Hong Kong to Explore the World
A Journey Across Hemispheres

As the saying goes, “Traveling a thousand miles is better than reading a thousand books.” Travelling abroad not only broadens one’s horizons but also accumulates invaluable experiences. Naila Mo, a student pursuing a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Life Sciences at Hong Kong Metropolitan University, had an extraordinary summer. She embarked on a journey across hemispheres, visiting countries for exchange programs, immersing herself in diverse cultures, and encountering thrilling events.

Naila, a native-born Pakistani living in Hong Kong, speaks fluent Cantonese and shares the same desire as many young people to explore the world. Since she was young, she often travelled with her parents, but their destinations were primarily limited to Pakistan. Her only memory of stepping outside her homeland was a trip to Singapore, the “Lion City.” Joining HKMU provided Naila with the opportunity toexpand her horizons. She participated in exchange programs in Christchurch, New Zealand, and Vancouver, Canada, through the university’s arrangements, each offering unique experiences.

Experiencing New Zealand’s Lifestyle and Culture

In New Zealand, Naila and her classmates studied a sustainable development course offered by Lincoln University. One of the assignments was to devise a marketing strategy for a well-known local cookie brand targeting the Hong Kong market. Aligning with the sustainability theme and the preferences of Hong Kongers, Naila and her team developed a “less sweet” flavour and minimalist, eco-friendly packaging design. Reflecting on the experience, she described, “It was fascinating to develop a marketing strategy for a brand for the first time, and I learned a lot about marketing principles. Additionally, we had the opportunity to visit the cookie brand’s factory, gaining insights into the production process.”

Apart from attending classes and visiting places, Naila had the opportunity to immerse herself in the local culture by living with a host family. “I lived with a family of three, and there were also two exchange students from Japan. Despite our different cultural backgrounds, we all got along well. Since we all enjoyed vegetarian food, we frequently shared our countries’ culinary cultures and customs,” she shared. Naila, a fan of spicy food, impressed her host family and Japanese classmates with her love for spicy cuisine. The laid-back attitude of New Zealanders taught Naila to slow down her fast-paced Hong Kong lifestyle.

Naila (fourth from the left) formed close bonds with her international classmates during her exchange program at the University of British Columbia.
Naila gains distinctive learning experiences through her international exchanges.



Stepping into Pediatric Hospitals and Participating in Clinical Research

Following her journey to New Zealand, Naila travelled to Vancouver, Canada, where she participated in a month-long exchange program at the renowned University of British Columbia. During her stay, she took a short-term course on clinical medical research, which allowed her to shadow doctors in a local pediatric hospital and assist in medical research on cancer in a laboratory setting. For Naila, a life sciences major, participating in clinical medical research was an exceptional learning experience. She was particularly impressed by her visit to the high-pressure emergency room, gaining a firsthand understanding of its operations. The trip to Vancouver further deepened Naila’s interest in medical research, and she plans to pursue a master’s degree in biomedical or health sciences after graduation.

While reminiscing about her time at HKMU, Naila shared, “I have mostly interacted with South Asian classmates since my secondary school days and had minimal contact with local students. This made me anxious about getting along with other students when I joined the university.” She quickly made friends with her fellow students and often went shopping with them in Mong Kok during their spare time. Teachers not only cared about Naila’s academic needs but also encouraged her to serve as a student ambassador to promote HKMU at public events. As a student ambassador, Naila represented HKMU at a recent scholarship program sharing session for tertiary institutions, where she introduced various scholarships and shared her experiences studying at HKMU with South Asian secondary school students. By sharing her experiences, she hopes to attract students from different ethnic backgrounds to join the HKMU family.



Naila Mo

  • Year 4 student pursuing a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Life Sciences 
  • Student Ambassador
  • Awardee of the HKMU Ethnic Minority Student Award in 2022/23