Leung Man Pan

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Motto: It's not whether you get knocked down. It's whether you get back up.

Leung Man Pan loves sports and trying out new sports games. He engaged in football and athletics at secondary school. When he came to HKMU five years ago, he took up a new sports, tchoukball, which contains elements of handball, volleyball and squash.

At first, Leung played the game with schoolmates, some of who had taken the tchoukball course at the university. On the other hand, they organised tchoukball society at school to promote the new sports. HKMU started up a university tchoukball team after that and Leung was a member who actively participated in local matches.

Demonstrating talent in tchoukball, Leung was selected to be in Hong Kong Team in his second and third year at HKMU. He took part in various international games with the team in Japan, Taiwan and Macau, representing Hong Kong to win prizes.

Behind the podium, Leung, like many athletes, sweated blood in striking a balance between studies and sports. “When I served my internship at Castle Peak Hospital in Tuen Mun, I joined the team training after work, slept for a couple of hours after training and then worked again,” Leung recalls.

Having said that, he is grateful for the opportunities and exposure tchoukball has given to him. “I have made friends with tchoukball players from other universities and the games have broadened my horizon. Tchoukball also brings me the scholarship, which is indeed a recognition for my effort.”

Being a registered nurse after graduation, Leung still comes back to HKMU to play tchoukball with juniors.

“I wish to hand on the torch to them as a member of the university and Hong Kong tchoukball teams to fight for good results for HKMU and Hong Kong,” he says.