LAU Yu Him Dicky

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HKEX Foundation Scholarship

“Be prepared. Don't hesitate to take on challenges that would help you grow.”

LAU Yu Him Dicky
Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration ·Financial Technology Innovation · Year 4

Once realising he is passionate about making life easier for humanity, Lau Yu Him Dicky returned to university to study Financial Technology and Innovation after his gap year.

“I would call myself an entrepreneur, as I love taking on challenges as well as responsibilities.” Being a Cyberport Creative Micro Fund awardee under the Cyberport University Partnership Programme, Lau is the founder of a start-up that performs big data analytics and machine learning.

His university life gave him a head start on his entrepreneurial path. Above all, his first internship offered invaluable experience. “I was asked to help with the training of an image classification model, but I had hardly any knowledge of machine learning by that time.” The talented young man managed to pick up the required skills in just a few days, and derived immense joy from learning new things and making the impossible possible. “I was first assigned with a model that should allow the camera to classify faces and objects. Interestingly, the system insisted on labelling me as a woman,” he chuckled. “But we got it fixed eventually.”

Lau was in the A-Team Student Development Programme of the School and represented it in various competitions. “Campus life at HKMU is full of joy, tears and challenges, all of which comprises an important part of my personal growth.”

He has put in a lot of effort and heart in the start- up and invested the scholarship money in his Cyberport project. “In the future, I want to develop a recognition system backed by artificial intelligence and psychological factors, so it could make life more comfortable and enjoyable for as many people as possible.”