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“Stay hungry for knowledge, and push your limits.”

School of Education and Languages · Chinese Language Teaching · Year 3

Lau Ka Ki has always had a liking for the Chinese language, and she finally decided to get enrolled in the Chinese Language Teaching programme. “I am blessed to have made acquaintance with so many extraordinary teachers, and I aspire to be as qualified and experienced as them,” Lau said with an assertive voice.

“I have made it a clear goal to become a primary school teacher, which would enable me to instil an interest in learning Chinese in children as early as possible.” While the HKDSE Chinese exam was dubbed by many the “paper of death”, Lau believes that given the right guidance, students will grow a genuine interest in the subject.

In Lau's opinion, learning does not end when you leave a classroom or finish a degree. “To be a good educator, it is essential to be a lifelong learner. You must stay current in your knowledge to ensure that your lessons are relevant for your students.” Thus, in addition to attending regular classes at HKMU, she is acquiring qualifications in Visual Art specialisation and Special Educational Needs (SEN), getting ready to impart more than just Chinese.

At the same time, she has developed an immense curiosity about teaching methods. A holder of the Certificate for Board Game Tutoring, she is exploring the possibility of using board games in her class. Drama in education is another mode of teaching she would like to apply in the classroom, which could support students to make meaning of their world and express ideas in the art form. “I still have a lot to learn, and a long way to go,” she said humbly.