Lam Pak Hei

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“The combination of musical instruments and singing voices is amazing,” says Lam Pak Hei, a tenor in the Music Office Youth Choir (MOYC).

Lam, a music lover who plays the piano and the violin, has sung in the choir since primary school. In 2019, Lam, as a member of MOYC, got the chance to take part in the 11th International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition in Wernigerode, Germany, a crowd puller for choirs and music ensembles from all over the world.

45 choirs from 17 nations vied with one another for prizes. MOYC ended up winning the championship in Youth Choirs of mixed voices. Its male ensemble came second in Equal Voices – Difficulty Level II.

“We trained hard for the competition for half a year and I had also enhanced my musical knowledge and singing techniques,” Lam says. “It was the first time I participated in an overseas competition, which broadened my horizon.”

Apart from the contest, Lam joined the choir parade in the town centre and performed at a church. “The local residents welcomed us. They loved and respected our performance. I enjoyed performing there.”

To Lam, singing in the choir is not only an interest, but also a way to de-stress. “I become more relaxed, and somehow it helps me perform better in my studies at school.” With achievements in music and performing arts, Lam is awarded the Talent Development Scholarship. “I am happy to be given the recognition. I plan to spend the scholarship learning new musical instruments and polishing my vocal techniques. And I wish more Hong Kong people will admire classical music.”