Lam Chak Yu

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Motto: Stay calm in the face of adversity.

Sheer determination and a strong sense of commitment have driven Lam Chak Yu throughout his four years at OUHK. But that diligence has been duly recognised by both the university and leading companies with a base in Hong Kong. He received scholarships every year since Year 2 and, whenever faced with new challenges, he won a reputation for redoubling efforts to overcome them. For instance, after deciding to switch to the electrical and electronics stream, he put in the work necessary to catch up with classmates and at no point was deterred as he set about achieving that goal.


“I am grateful that the professors were willing to stay behind after class to answer extra questions,” Lam says. “I have since developed a strong interest in everything to do with the electrical and electronics course.”

Being adaptable helped Lam to find the right direction and deal with adversity. “For our graduation project, we mainly had to study and work from home with little access to the labs on campus,” he says. “Even so, my group decided to make the best of the situation. Based on the strengths of the individual team members, we worked out an effective division of labour. I handled the research aspect at home because I am good at mathematics and theories. Our joint efforts paid off and, in the end, we got the highest grade in the class.”

The scholarships he has won mean a lot to Lam, not simply because of the financial assistance they provide. “They represent recognition for my efforts and have boosted my self-confidence,” he says. “The financial assistance has allowed me to be fully focused on my studies. And being recognized in this way has made me believe I am on the right path. Along the way, I also learned to strike a balance and not feel too stressed about my studies.”