HON Chit Kwong

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Motto: Before going, I was slightly introverted but the internship let me work in a different country and use English to communicate every day. It helped bosst my self-confidence.

Providing a safe, fun-filled environment for families visiting an amusement park takes the concerted efforts of an extensive team. And that’s something Hon Chit Kwong saw up close during his internship at Morey’s Piers, a seaside theme park on the coast of New Jersey in the United States.

As a ride operator, one of the first things Hon noticed was in ensuring the safety of visitors. “All the ride operators are required to study the safety manuals of the park’s various attractions and pass a test before they can be on duty,” he says.” Regular internal and external audits are conducted to ensure the rides comply with the rules.”

From day one, he has also experienced a real sense of team spirit and camaraderie. “Every morning, the team leader gave a briefing to encourage collaboration. He emphasized that each person in the team, no matter what their position, played on essential role in fulfilling the park’s responsibility for ensuring visitors enjoyed the rides safely.”

Working on the frontline and interacting with individuals from all walks of life gave Hon valuable opportunities to sharpen his communication and soft skills. “I came across parents insisting on getting their kids. who did not meet the height requirement, into the rides,” he says. “To handle such situations, I would stay calm and listen patiently. Then I would explain the relevant regulations or refer parents to the office for a more accurate measurement. I learned to employ appropriate body language. For instance, I would crouch dow when speaking to little kids, so that we were on the same eye level. This would make them feel more comfortable talking to me.”

Hon found the internship a completely immersive experience by working in a multicultural environment with colleagues from around the world. “As an international city, Hong Kong embraces cultural diversity, but the internship gave me the opportunity to become more aware of the attitudes to work with people from different cultural backgrounds, and to learn to adapt and work together,” he says.