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Outstanding Student Scholarship

“No pain, no gain. Work hard, and you will succeed.”

School of Science and Technology · Life Sciences · Year 4

Unremitting in her quest for the scientific study of life in all its forms, Fung Kin Yi was admitted to HKMU’s top-up degree programme in Life Sciences after finishing her associate degree.

Having gone through extended periods of sweat and difficulty, Fung said all the hard work is worth it in the end. “Online classes have undoubtedly posed the greatest challenge. I had to rewatch the lecture recordings after class to make sure I did not miss out on anything.” Besides, she would spend two to three hours every day reviewing what she had learnt in class, which, as she revealed, was her biggest secret of academic success. “It is far more effective than leaving all the revision work to just before exams. By that time you would have too much on your plate.”

Her diligence and perseverance paid off. “The scholarships are a recognition of my effort, which gave me confidence to pursue my dream career and to accept new challenges,” she said. She is also glad that her parents take pride in her academic excellence.

Fung will continue to dedicate herself to biotechnology or molecular biology, especially in preventing and diagnosing diseases. “I set my sights on working at some local laboratories. Lab technicians play a role as important as that of doctors and nurses. They are those who come up with the test results needed for disease diagnosis, and are an important driving force for medical advancement.” She took Covid as an example: “Without the laboratorians who tirelessly perform nucleic acid tests day and night, Hong Kong would not be able to sail through the fifth wave of the pandemic,” she said enthusiastically. “I hope I could contribute my part to the development of biotechnology in Hong Kong, too.”