Fathima Afsa

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Motto: Take the first step, then another, then keep going.

Born and raised by Pakistani parents in Hong Kong, Afsa speaks fluent Cantonese, English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. She has been helping students with varying cultural and ethnic backgrounds to integrate into the school as well as Hong Kong society.

With good performance, Afsa is given HKMU Ethnic Minority Student Award. She thanks HKMU for the recognition and offering her a variety of chances to explore her potentials.

“I was the chairperson of a student society at university called 'Enactus' in my second year. I invited ethnic minority and mainland students to join us. We organised activities, had gatherings, studied together at school and explored different places in Hong Kong. We have learnt each other's culture and constraints and become good friends,” Afsa says. “Mainland students are diligent. I have been influenced by them to study harder and got better GPA.”

Invited by Hong Kong Unison, a not-for-profit organisation that strives to promote racial equality in Hong Kong, Afsa attended meetings with officials from Education Bureau to propose measures to help non-Chinese ethnic pupils to learn Chinese. She also shared her learning experience with ethnic minority students at secondary schools. “I suggested ways to study and deal with DSE. I hope to encourage them to study further,” she adds.

In the final year project, Afsa and her teammates proposed to create a mobile application to cater for the dietary needs of Muslims. “We wish to make it convenient for them to find suitable restaurants in Hong Kong. We are exploring to launch the app in reality.” Afsa says she will continue to facilitate minorities' integration into the community.