Chu Cheuk Ling, Tiffany

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Motto: Aren't continuous study and revision a great pleasure in life? (A quotation from "The Analects")

Tiffany Chu is an exemplary student who has shown that passion can be just as important as diligence and dedication when it comes to learning. “In my first year, my GPA was only average,” she says modestly, “However, I was driven by a real passion for IT. I began to go into each topic in greater depth and studying became easy. My efforts paid off because I was named top student in the subject by the end of Year 1, and that recognition helped to bolster my confidence.”

The academic environment at OUHK inspired Chu to start looking into more specialist areas of IT. Those interests also led her to take the initiative in seeking out more advanced articles and reference books, which took her well beyond the recommended reading lists. “Studying at OUHK has increased my thirst for knowledge and my passion for computer science.” she adds.


To get the most out of her time at university, Chu’s professors recommended taking part in computer science competitions to test her skills and try out innovative ideas. In particular, there was the prestigious annual ACM Collegiate Programming Contest (Hong Kong). “We formed teams to represent OUHK. It was a very rewarding experience and I learned a great deal about algorithms in programming.”

The OUHK’s Outstanding Student Scholarship of the School is an inspiration for Chu. “I am very grateful for the recognition as the best candidate of my School,” she says. “It lets me realise that hard work is vital and good preparation is the key to study.” Looking ahead, Chu has already received a conditional offer for a postgraduate place. “This award will help to support those further studies,” she says.