Choy Yan Tung

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Motto: Accomplish tasks one step at a time. Hard work always bears fruit.

Choy Yan Tung is blessed with more than artistic and creative talents. She has also demonstrated exceptional leadership skills through her active participation in
an animation project, co-organised by HKMU's Tin Ka Ping Centre of Chinese Culture and Tsinghua University's Institute of Chinese Classics, in Beijing in 2019. After several months' hard work, Choy and her team submitted three short films based on the project's main theme, which was to promote the revitalisation of traditional Chinese etiquette via animation. The films were screened at Tsinghua in Beijing and received positive reviews.

“Because I'm considered good at organising and coordinating, the team chose me to lead the project,” Choy says. “It was a rewarding experience, allowing us to experience with diverse aspects and techniques.

In reviewing her years at HKMU, Choy believes her personal drive and  enthusiasm let her take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the animation programme. She now plans to enroll in an advanced course on video gaming development.

As the recipient of the Outstanding Student Scholarship of the School, an award that selected by her school as an recognition as the best candidate, Choy believes the winning of OUHK awards is a clear sign she has been
progressing in the right direction.

“I went through a period of uncertainty and tended to put myself under enormous pressure,” she says. “The scholarship has helped bolster my self-confidence and is motivation for me to do even better. OUHK's encouragement has helped me understand that I just need to focus on my work and do my best in every endeavour. Those efforts will always be reflected in the end results.”