Cheng Ka Hin

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Motto: If you want something, go get it.

Out of interest, Cheng Ka Hin has practised Taekwondo since primary school. With potential in sports and good performance, he got into the Hong Kong Team at high school and school team at HKMU.

In June 2021, he represented HKMU to take part in The University Sports Federation of Hong Kong (USFHK) Inter-Collegiate Taekwondo Competition 2020/21 and won the first runner-up in Men's Individual for style 7 & Keumgang.

“The competition was confirmed to be held in a short time. I took only two months for preparation. It was lucky that I finished all exams at that time. I could have more time for practice,” Cheng says.

“I regarded it as the last competition at university so I worked hard for it. Not only did I do the stretching every day and exercise in the gym three times a week to train thigh muscles, but I also did a whole set of gestures, like a horse stance, repeatedly. It is not easy and quite tiring,” Cheng says. “When the contest was approaching, my coach asked me to stop workout for fear of getting hurt.”

Finally, his hard work paid off. Other than gaining prize in the competition, Cheng is also awarded the sports scholarship. “It is a perfect full stop of my university life. I am thankful that HKMU provides support and resources like offering new training facilities covered with new mats. I also thank the three coaches from the school team and Sports and Wellness Team of Student Affairs Office for encouragement and guidance.”

Through Taekwondo, Cheng has learnt to be determined to attain goals without hesitation. “My next goal is Chengdu 2021 International University Sports Federation (FISU) World University Games. I will strive for it!”