Chan Tsz Ming

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Perseverance and hard work are the keys to achieving progress in all endeavours.

Chan Tsz Ming has struck a fine balance between his studies at OUHK and active participation in the sport of hockey. Having represented Hong Kong in local and overseas competitions, his highest sporting achievement so far is being on the team which took first place in the U-21 category at the Hong Kong–Macau tournament in 2017. Playing hockey has also been an important factor in his personal growth. “The team spirit and general collaboration have inspired me,” he says. “I was an introvert before taking up hockey. Travelling with team members to overseas competitions has enhanced my interpersonal skills and helped me make many new friends. Also, visiting places like Amman in Jordan has broadened my horizons.”

The academic programme at OUHK is challenging, but Chan made the extra efforts needed to fit hockey training and matches into a busy schedule. Doing this proved rewarding because it taught him to focus as required on different priorities and to have a real passion for everything he does. In his studies, he was able to draw on experiences gained from active participation in sports and to share useful insights with classmates. “I always appreciate it when teachers or coaches share their personal experience of being athletes competing locally and abroad, and how they mapped out their career paths. They can offer useful suggestions about possible options,” he says. “But I have also attended job application workshops organised by OUHK and used the recommended techniques when writing application letters or updating my CV.”

Chan adds that his special award has definitely impressed the recruitment managers at some job interviews. “But more importantly, it is recognition of my efforts and ability to be equally successful in my studies and sport.”