Chan Sau Wa

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Motto: Diligence is the key to success.

To acquire the knowledge essential for a professional nursing career, Chan Sau Wa has immersed herself in academic studies and, by doing so, achieved good score for her cumulative GPA. However, she is also well aware that having a positive attitude and balanced mindset is important in order to cope with the inevitable pressures encountered in a highly stressful work environment.

Receiving the “Reaching Out Award” allowed Chan to join a study tour with the theme “Exploring Happiness in Finland” and the experience showed her how happiness is within reach for everyone. For that reason, the trip played a significant part in her personal growth.

“We interacted with students at universities and professionals working for local NGOs,” she says. “I appreciated their leisurely pace of life and noticed that many Finnish people really put into practice the words of wisdom emblazoned on stickers, such as 'Be Kind. Be Polite'.” Chan says. “I was inspired by their attitude to life and, learning from this, will try to maintain a good mental balance and stay calm even in stressful conditions.”

Chan has already applied this positive approach to her practicum experience, in particular in dealing with the differences between studying on campus and doing her practicum in the hospital. “For instance, I have learned to be adaptable, flexible, and to strike a balance whenever facing any situations in the ward,” she says. “The study trip also led me to reflect on how living standards in different countries vary. We should refrain from letting objective elements and social conditions affect our mental well-being. Happiness depends on ourselves.”