Chan Ching Hsiang

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Motto: Do or do not. There is no try.

Chan Ching Hsiang had never thought of gaining extensive exposure to the international financial world at HKMU before he came to Hong Kong from Singapore to study in 2017.

As the recipient of the Most Outstanding Student Scholarships of HKMU, Chan is not only outstanding in academic performance, but also actively participates in various world-wide business contests and symposiums arranged by the A-Team Student Development Programme at HKMU, an elite programme to provide students ample opportunities to explore the financial hub outside the classroom.

“What I engaged in at HKMU broadens my horizon. My mentor introduced directors from J.P. Morgan and Credit Suisse to me and I have learnt how to equip myself to get in the investment banking industry,” Chan says. He was later awarded the internship at Credit Suisse.


To Chan, among all contests, the most challenging one was “National Investment Banking Competition (2018/2019)”, where he and his three teammates needed to apply practical skills that they had not learnt before. Under guidance from the tutor at HKMU, his team was chosen as top 35 undergraduate finalists among 500 teams at Graduate and Undergraduate level from world prestigious universities. Later on, the team was crowned champion among nine local universities in “HSBC/HKU Hong Kong Business Case Competition” in 2021, and then on behalf of Hong Kong, came eighth among 24 teams in the Asia Pacific Competition.

“I thank HKMU very much for giving me abundant chances to achieve my potential. The scholarship is a recognition for my achievements,” Chan says. He will pursue a master's study in finance after graduation to further gear up himself and pursue his dream career in the investment banking industry.