Au Ka Wai

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Motto: You don't have to be great to start. But you have to start to be great.

Au Ka Wai has dreamt of being a nurse since high school. Cultivated by her elder sister, a nurse who always shares what she comes across at public hospitals with Au, Au is determined to work in the health care field to care for the injured and the ill.

Au has studied nursing at HKMU since two years ago and she is serious. “I usually look up medical terminologies in a dictionary before attending class as preparation,” she says. Au suggests linking terms with different things and imagining practical situations to use these terms help memorisation.

With a strong thirst for knowledge, Au will dig up answers when facing up to something she doesn't understand. “If I am in the dark, I will jot down questions and consult lecturers. The lecturers are so nice that they get back to me very fast,” she adds. Au's hard work pays off and was once on the Dean's List.

Au explores her potentials not only in study, but also in extracurricular activities. She was an emcee in building naming ceremonies at HKMU. She, who used to be shy, found she could stay calm and be out-spoken in front of a crowd of people. Besides, she got a chance to take part in a video shooting to promote the School of Nursing and Health Studies, which was new and fun to her. She thanks HKMU for giving her various opportunities to try things out.

As the recipient of the Outstanding Student Scholarship of the School, she regards the award as an honour and a shot in the arm, which recognises her as the best student of the School. Au said she would continue not to spare herself in the pursuit of her dream.