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Thank you for your support of the HKMU Hackathon 23/24.

Please stay updated for the upcoming cohort's application announcement.

HKMU Hackathon 23/24 Highlight

HKMU Hackathon 23/24 Winning Teams

Aging Population

Champion - Y2O

Peace and harmony
among the elderly

An agency to provide workshop and emotional support to bridge the connection between corporations and the elderly employees

1st Runner-up - The Hacker King of Marathon

Silver Echo: Those who have contributed to the era must not be forgotten - let's ensure the elderly are seen

Use camera to record the elderly who have been ignored by society and convey their stories to the public

2nd Runner-up - Silver Tech Innovators


Provide home safety services
for the elderly

Environmental & Cultural Sustainability

Champion - F-C-C-L

Warm culture exchange station

Provide series of programs for secondary school newcomers to appreciate and integrate into HK's local culture

1st Runner-up - Alkaid

Block by Block Build HK

Minecraft STEAM programme to promote HK's historical buildings

2nd Runner-up - LSMK

One person can't capture the beauty of the ocean, but together we can protect it

STEM education to promote the consciousness about protect the ocean to primary or secondary students

HKMU Hackathon 23/24

The first HKMU Hackathon is designed to offer students a unique 2 days-experience for
cross-disciplines students to collaborate and create innovative solutions
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What is Hackathon?

Hackathon is a dynamic event where participants engage in rapid,
collaborative problem-solving within a limited timeframe.

At HKMU, our Hackathon goes beyond just software design; it's about fostering creativity and innovation through a structured problem-solving process. We aim to bring together students from diverse backgrounds to share ideas, form teams, and potentially even launch their own businesses. This event combines fun with practicality, offering a unique learning experience!
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Themes and Problem Statements

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
serves as a collective blueprint for fostering peace
and prosperity for both people and the planet,
both now and in the future.
HKMU's Hackathon 23/24 draws inspiration from this agenda,
using it to establish the two themes for the competition.

There would be TWO Problem Statements for participants to choose
1. Aging Population
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SDGs Goal 3 -
Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
2. Environmental & Cultural Sustainability
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SDGs Goal 11 - Make cities and human settlements
inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
Like many other economies, HK is facing the challenges
posed by a rapidly aging population. Social isolation,
lack of physical activity, and mental & physical health problems
are significant issues for elderly people.
However, these may merely be the tip of the iceberg in HK's situation.

How can we help senior citizens stay active,
socially connected, and maintain their health
by developing innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions?
Despite being a city with rich natural and cultural resources,
HK is facing the challenge of preserving its suburbs, historical sites,
and traditions in the face of rapid urbanization.
While the public increasingly appreciates our natural environment
and cultural heritage, balancing development and
preservation in HK remains a challenge.

How can we better preserve and / or
promote HK's nature / cultural heritage?


Get ready to hack your brain for greater creativity & innovation?
Before application, just ensure you are:
HKMU current Full-time / Part-time / Distance Learning Students
2-5 students to form teams (aim for mix of students from different Schools)
Individual participant is also welcome to indicate your interest and apply
- You can find your teammates during pre-hackathon sessions Or SAO will facilitate team formations after receiving your application
Non-HKMU teammate is NOT allowed

Prizes and Awards

Certificate of Appreciation
Applicable for all Finalists
Internship Programmes
organised by SAO
Higher Priority in
Selection Process
Champion: HK$ 10,000
First-runner up: HK$ 6,000
Second-runner up: HK$ 4,000
Entitlement for Each Track
MetroChallenge 2024
Fast Track Access
to Final Round
Other Entrepreneurship Competitions in HK & GBA
Be Nominated to Represent
HKMU for Joining

Judging Criteria

Participants have to provide feasible solutions, turn their strategies

into a business, product, services or technology.

Each plan would be judged according to the following criteria:

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Innovation and
Industry Disruption (20%)
Feasibility and
Commercial Viability (20%)
Impact on Society and Solution Effectiveness (20%)
Team Cooperation (20%)
Presentation Quality (20%)

Community Partners

Training Partner

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No. HKMU Hackathon only open to HKMU current students. (Including full-time, part-time, distance learning students).

Application will close on 17 December 2023. All applicants will be informed of their application results by email within two weeks.

Yes, an individual applicant is accepted to submit the application. If you register individually, you can find your teammate(s) during pre-Hackathon sessions.

If not, based on your interests indicate in application form, SAO will facilitate team formation after deadline and inform you before Main Hackathon Days.

It is requested to have 2 to 5 team members with complementary background and knowledge.

There would be TWO problem statements:  Environmental & Cultural Sustainability and Aging Population.

The expected outcome of the competition would be a business, product, services or technology to the problem. Each project would be judged according to: innovation and industry disruption; feasibility and commercial viability; Impact on society and solution effectiveness; team cooperation; and presentation Quality.

No, all formats are welcome. However, a presentation template will be provided before the Main Hackathon Days for your reference while workshops will be offered before the pitch.

No. The objective of pre-hackathon activities is to help students understand the problem statements in different angels, and to foster the creativity and innovation.

You are highly recommended to join if you put on the thinking cap.   

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